Cllr. Ryan

Cllr. Éilis Ryan

Cllr. Éilis Ryan (WP) tables council motion for Dublin to offer “sanctuary city” to those affected by Trump travel ban

An emergency motion has been lodged ahead of next Monday’s (6th February) Dublin City Council meeting offering a ‘sanctuary city’ to anybody turned away from US immigration pre-clearance at Dublin or Shannon’s airports.

Cllr. Éilis Ryan (Workers’ Party, North Inner City) lodged the motion as nationals of certain majority Muslim countries – and others seeking asylum – have been refused access to the United States. The travel ban prevents even those who already hold travel, business and other visas from entering the United States.

Speaking ahead of Monday’s meeting, Cllr. Ryan said: “Clearly, the government must step in to ensure that US pre-clearance immigration authorities are withdrawn from Dublin and Shannon airports in light of the racist and illegal ban on nationals from certain majority Muslim countries travelling to the United States”

“However, in the interim, it is essential that anybody affected by the travel ban, and prevented from travelling to the United States from Ireland by US authorities, should be given every support to ensure their security and comfort while in Ireland.”

President Trump has also withdrawn the ‘sanctuary city’ programme which provided access to healthcare and other basic services to undocumented migrants, without risk of prosecution. Cllr Ryan said: “Instead of going to Washington with a begging bowl this Patrick’s Day, a far more useful way of fighting for security for immigrants would be for Taoiseach End Kenny to make it absolutely clear that Ireland will not support Trump’s illegal, racist, border regime.”

Full motion: “Dublin City Council calls on the government to immediately remove US pre-clearance immigration authorities from Ireland. In the interim, Dublin City Council should establish an emergency fund to ensure anybody turned away by US immigration authorities at Dublin or Shannon airport be given the financial and legal assistance which they require to stay in Dublin as necessary, and to complete their onward travel to the United States when possible.”


For comment / further information Cllr Éilis Ryan can be contacted on 086-3108553.


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