The Workers’ Party has once again called for the implementation of a Zero Covid strategy in order to tackle the “out-of-control virus.”

David Gardiner, Workers’ Party representative in Dublin Mid-West, said:

“According to NPHT there is currently a backlog of thousands of positive swabs awaiting verification.”

“This is the result of an under-resourced public health team and IT software that isn’t fit for purpose. Advice has been given to close contacts not to get tested but to limit their movements instead. This is a system that can’t cope.”

“The approach now has to be for a Zero Covid Ireland. As has been the case elsewhere, the priority needs to be eliminating the virus entirely from the island of Ireland before reopening from 


“We are calling for the continued mandatory use of masks in all shared public spaces, far more extensive limitations on travel and the immediate expansion and proper resourcing of contact tracing services.”

“We are also calling for a 4-week closure of schools and childcare facilities, accompanied by a period of 4 weeks of additional paid leave.”

“During this lockdown, retrofitting buildings to facilitate a safe reopening is a must too.”

“Clearly, the decisions and advice given by the government in relation to the Christmas period was wrong. They must now make a choice between being proactive and taking action or standing around and praying for the best.”