Ireland’s landlords have revealed their true colours in their statement to new Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy, according to the Workers’ Party.

Reacting to a statement released today (Friday) by the Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA), Cllr. Eilis Ryan (Workers Party) said:

“A Fine Gael government introduced the 4% rental increase cap only after rents had already risen by 10-15% in Dublin for three years running. After years of increases for tenants, Fine Gael effectively introduced a guaranteed minimum 4% salary increase for landlords, without them doing any work to earn it.

“Imagine the media hysteria if bus drivers, or nurses, or teachers, were demanding a salary increase well above inflation?”

The Cllr. continued:
“I’ve had tenants come to me having been given rent increases of 25% and 30% by their landlords in the immediate aftermath of these so-called “rent caps” being introduced – but before they were brought into force.

“Landlords will never be a part of the solution to the Irish housing crisis. They are interested in maximising profit, when the people are interested in removing profiteering from the rental market entirely.

“Nobody chooses to live in a house where they could be evicted at any moment, and where their rent goes up more than their wages every year. They do it because our government refuses to invest in proper, secure public housing for all.”

Cllr. Ryan concluded:
“The IPOA clearly believe they have a sympathetic ear in Minister Murphy. I look forward to him proving me wrong, by condemning their comments for what they are – greedy, profit hungry and callous.”