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The Workers’ Party is committed to building a secular and socialist republic in which power is in the hands of the working class. Over the last decade, working people in Ireland and across the world have been faced with a housing crisis, an increase in precarious work, and a dramatic fall in real income. At the same time we are seeing cuts to public services, raised retirement ages, attacks on pensions, and increased levels of poverty and homelessness.

This is no accident. It is the consequence of the capitalist economic system, which can be only be tackled by challenging the ownership of the economy, taking the wealth out of the hands of the few.

The Workers’ Party believes in a different society, one in which working people, who create the wealth, also control it, using the significant productive potential of our country to create decent jobs, affordable public housing, quality public services and a society that work to the benefit of all.

We believe that real change requires a break with the present system in which workers are exploited – a transformation of society to create a world which guarantees quality of life for all our people, instead of a system driven by the relentless pursuit of profit for the benefit of the few.

Our full programme can only be implemented by winning state power for the working class and completing a socialist transformation. However, the Workers’ Party believes that it is essential to defend the living standards of the working class and the role of the state within the economy, and that our policies can improve the lives and living standards of working people and their families in the here and now.

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Building a Socialist Republic

The gap between the rich and working people continues to grow. The inequality and poverty that working people face stems from the inherent flaws of the failed economic system in which we live. The Workers’ Party stands with the working class and believes that exploitation and poverty will only be ended under a transformed social, economic and political system where the working class controls its own destiny – socialism.

We stand for the creation of a united secular, socialist republic in Ireland.