Plans to accommodate refugees on old skatepark site in Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate

South Dublin County Council have received an application seeking to temporarily accommodate refugees on the site of the old skatepark in Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate. David Gardiner, Workers' Party representative for Palmerstown-Fonthill, said: "People within [...]

Gaza is the epicentre of the expanding imperialist war

The Workers’ Party of Ireland condemns the recent Israeli-American terrorist attacks in Syria The past few weeks have seen an expansion and intensification of Israel's genocidal attacks against the Palestinian people. While Gaza remains the [...]

Letter of solidarity to the Sudanese Communist Party

The Workers' Party of Ireland condemn the arrest of Comrade Haitham Dafallah by the RSF on Friday, 20th of January, 2024 and call for his immediate release. We acknowledge that this is the latest in [...]

Solidarity with striking workers across the north

The largest strike in the north of Ireland in decades takes place today. The impact of today's strike will be felt across all sections of our economy as workers take the only action left open [...]

Sinn Féin assure American multinationals of business as usual if they get into government

Sinn Féin’s attempts to play up to US multinationals, as reported in the Business Post, can only come at the expense of working people, according to Garrett Greene, Workers’ Party representative for Cabra-Glasnevin. Greene said: [...]

A reformed, all-Ireland NHS could better deal with winter pressures

A reformed, all-Ireland NHS would be better prepared to deal with the winter pressures currently being experienced in the healthcare system, according to Garrett Greene, Workers’ Party rep. for Cabra-Glasnevin. Greene said: “Cases of flu, [...]

Irish Times article highlights further attempts by government to cosy up to NATO

An article in The Irish Times has shown the government falling over themselves to attend the meetings of a US-led alliance designed to send military equipment to Ukraine. This is more evidence of the government's [...]

€1k a month to live in cramped mouldy room in Palmerstown – Ireland’s renters deserve better

A report in The Irish Times has shown that a mother and her 18-month old son are living in a damp, mould-infested one-bedroom apartment in Palmerstown at a cost of €1,000 per month. This is [...]

Wishing a prosperous 2024 to all workers and their families

On behalf of the Workers’ Party, the Ard Chomhairle and Party President Michael McCorry would like to wish a prosperous 2024 to all workers and their families. 2023 has proven to be another tough year [...]

Hospital overcrowding at record high

A recent report from the INMO has shown that this year is the worst on record for overcrowding in hospitals. Over 121,526 patients were admitted and left waiting for beds. This number will no doubt [...]

Download our pamphlet on the EU Directive on Minimum Wage and Collective Bargaining

Our pamphlet on the EU Directive on Minimum Wage and Collective Bargaining, authored by Dr. Daryl D'Art, is now available for download. Have a read of it by clicking the link below. EU Directive on [...]

Far-right attacks are indefensible. So is government’s asylum and migration policy.

On Saturday, an arson attack destroyed a Co. Galway hotel. It seems very likely this was done to prevent its use as an accommodation centre for refugees. This is only the latest in a series [...]

Migration, the far-right and neoliberalism

The fallout from the appalling attack on schoolchildren and their carers on Parnell Street and the riot that followed raised many important issues for socialists. Our thoughts remain with the parents and families of the [...]

Warmonger Biden pledges more arms to Israel

 The recent ceasefire in Gaza has offered welcome respite from the intensive, brutal attacks by the Israeli Defence Forces and has allowed vital if limited humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza strip. However, Israel has [...]

Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Greens move to abolish Triple Lock on neutrality

The Workers’ Party condemns the recent move by the Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Green Party coalition to abolish the Triple Lock mechanism. This is the culmination of a long process of watering down Irish [...]

Bring perpetrator of Parnell Square attack to justice – no to senseless rioting

Rioting has broken out in Dublin city centre following an attack on Parnell Square earlier today which left three children and a woman hospitalised. The perpetrator of the attack must be brought to justice and [...]

Workers’ Party submission to the Private Wires consultation

The Workers’ Party recently made a submission to the consultation on the Private Wires document. The document (which can be found by clicking here,) published by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, is [...]

Winifred Carney commemoration oration

The Workers' Party held a commemoration for Winifred Carney, republican, trade unionist and suffragist, in Milltown Cemetery yesterday (19/11/23). Wreaths were laid by Margaret McCorry on behalf of the Workers' Party and by Tim Smith [...]

Thomas Russell commemoration speech 2023

Workers’ Party President Micky McCorry spoke at the grave of Thomas Russell, founding member of the United Irishmen, in the graveyard of Down Cathedral today. Have a read of his speech below: Comrades, Today, we [...]

Sinn Féin fail to back Derry and Strabane council motion to expel Israeli ambassadors

It is disappointing to see that Sinn Féin have failed to vote in favour of a motion calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassadors in Ireland and Britain on Derry and Strabane District Council. [...]

Ireland should expel Israeli ambassador Dana Erlich

Following the recent escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, and the brutal and indiscriminate violence enacted by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians, the Workers’ Party is calling for the expulsion of Dana Erlich, [...]

2023 Presidential Address

Michael McCorry was re-elected to the position of President of the Workers' Party at our 2023 Ard Fheis last weekend. Have a read of his presidential address here: Comrades, First of all, I would like [...]

British Home Secretary tells police to clamp down on solidarity with Palestine

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has told English and Welsh police officers that waving a Palestinian flag or chanting for Palestinian freedom may be a criminal offence. This is a clear attempt at censoring the [...]

Legacy of UEFA EURO 2028 will be impact on domestic football north and south

UEFA have officially announced that EURO 2028 will take place in Ireland and Britain, and while this news is to be welcomed, the real legacy of the tournament will be in how it impacts the [...]

More of the same for working people in unambitious Budget 2024

Budget 2024 has proven to be unambitious and, like many budgets before it, will fail to provide for working people. 2024 will continue to see us struggle. The government has missed an opportunity to seriously [...]

No peace without justice

The assault by the Palestinians on Israeli settlements this weekend has caught the Israeli security forces off guard and resulted in hundreds killed, many of them unarmed. The loss of life is extremely sad but [...]

FG, FF, SF & PBP vote against raising €14.5m for street cleaning and area funding

Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin and People Before Profit have voted against Dublin City Council raising €14.5 million to be spent on street cleaning and local funding through the Local Property Tax. Dublin, and [...]

Ballylumford power station could provide nuclear energy to safely and cheap heat our homes

Ballylumford power station could be used to produce nuclear power, according to a new policy document from the Workers' Party. The document, entitled 'Let's Get Real: A Plan For Nuclear Power in Ireland,' claims that [...]

We bailed out AIB when they were in trouble – why are we selling up now that they’re profitable?

The state sell-off of shares in AIB shows an ideological commitment to the private market that trumps logic. The state is no longer in majority ownership of the bank for the first time since the [...]

Bring on EURO 2028 – but Irish football needs more support both north and south

As the joint Irish and British bid to host UEFA Euro 2028 looks set to succeed unopposed, questions must be asked about the future of football in Ireland, according to Workers' Party representatives both north [...]

Statement issued by the Workers’ Party of Ireland regarding the resolution of the European Parliament on the state of EU-Cuba relations

The resolution adopted on July 12th by the European Parliament condemning Cuba is deeply concerning on a number of levels. Briefly, the resolution — on the state of the EU-Cuba PDCA in the light of [...]

500 dentists needed to serve needs of the population, says dental association

The Irish Dental Association has stated that 500 dentists are required urgently in order to meet the needs of the population and replace retiring dentists. This is yet another crisis in a series relating to [...]

RTÉ scandal is an insult to taxpayer and a stain on record of public broadcasting

Hidden payments, junkets and deceit - the crisis in RTÉ is a stain on the record of public service broadcasting in Ireland, as well as an insult to the taxpayer and ordinary staff working for [...]

Farage bank episode shows Ireland should legislate for right to bank account

The Nigel Farage bank episode in the UK shows that Ireland should legislate to guarantee the right to a bank account, according to Workers' Party representative Garrett Greene. The Cabra-Glasnevin representative argued for legislation to [...]

Homeless figures reach record of 12,411, while workers make up 25% of Dublin’s homeless

Homelessness records have been broken yet again under this Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Green government, as 12,411 found themselves in emergency accommodation in May, while working people now make up 25% of Dublin’s homeless. [...]

Workers’ Party protests security forum stitch-up

The Consultative Forum on International Security Policy is a pro-NATO stitch-up designed to undermine Irish neutrality, according to the Workers' Party. Speaking at a protest outside Dublin Castle as the forum took place, Workers' Party [...]

2023 Wolfe Tone commemoration oration

The following oration was given by comrade Claire O'Connor (Dublin Mid-West branch) at the 2023 Wolfe Tone commemoration in Bodenstown, Co. Kildare. A chairde agus a chomrádaithe, Is onóir mór dom labhairt libh inniu san [...]

Security forum is a pro-NATO stitch-up

The Workers’ Party welcomes any open and honest debate on all aspects of government policy, domestic and international, including policy on national defence and Ireland’s involvement in international organisations. However, we have grave reservations as [...]

Nuclear power essential in tackling the climate crisis and provision of affordable energy

A State-led approach to the development and utilisation of nuclear power generation is an essential tool in the fight against climate change and the provision of affordable energy for working people, according to the Workers’ [...]

1 in 12 cancer diagnoses were missed during COVID-19 pandemic

A recent report from the National Cancer Registry of Ireland has revealed that a shocking one in 12 expected cancers were not detected during the Covid pandemic. This is an estimated 4,320 cases. The cause [...]