Workers’ Party considers push for nuclear power as solution to climate crisis

The Workers’ Party will launch a public consultation on nuclear power and the climate crisis, with an online debate with the Green Party scheduled to take place this Thursday August 13th. The debate coincides with [...]

Workers’ Party calls for renationalisation of Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus along with many other employers continue to use Covid-19 as an excuse to reduce wages and conditions for workers. Aer Lingus has already cut pay during the pandemic, they have now stated that [...]

Nuclear Power Discussion Document

The Workers' Party, at its last Ard Fheis, agreed to undertake an investigation into nuclear power as an option for dealing with climate change. To this end, the Ard Comhairle solicited discussion documents putting forward [...]

A message to the EU: Hands off Venezuela!

The European Parliament recently voted more than 4-1 in favour of a resolution reaffirming its faith in Juan Guaidó as the President of Venezuela and calling for an extension of sanctions targeting not just members [...]

Workers’ Party Condemn Sectarian Bonfires

Chris Bailie, Workers’ Party representative for North Belfast has strongly condemned the sectarian bonfires for 12th July. This follows heightened tensions, the lighting of huge bonfires, throwing of petrol bombs and bricks, and closing of [...]

Online Public Meeting: Stand Against the Vincent Byrne Site Plan

The Workers' Party is hosting a meeting on the plans to develop 250 built-to-rent apartments in Palmerstown on the old Vincent Byrne site. David Gardiner, Workers' Party representative for Dublin Mid-West and Palmerstown-Fonthill, said:"Housing needs [...]

Workers’ Party Oration at Wolfe Tone Commemoration 2020

The following oration was delivered at the Workers’ Party’s annual Wolfe Tone Commemoration by Gemma Weir, the Workers' Party representative for North Belfast and member of the Ard Comhairle/CEC Comrades and friends, As we gather [...]

Business Committee acting as separate party

The difficulties that the leadership of the Workers' Party have had in persuading the Business Committee, based in Northern Ireland, in adhering to basic democratic principles have been ongoing for some time. As well as [...]

Statement by the Ard Comhairle of the Workers’ Party on the decision to leave the Party by the Northern Ireland Business Committee and its supporters

Over the past number of years, it has become evident that a small group of members of the Workers’ Party, centred around the regional body the “Northern Ireland Business Committee,” hold political positions which are [...]

Resisting Business As Usual

An Alternative Programme for Ireland, 2020-2025 Read the full Programme here. The Programme for Government which has recently been agreed between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party has come against the backdrop of [...]

Workers’ Party calls for upgrading of mask guidelines to mandatory in shops, public transport

The Workers’ Party has called on the incoming government to upgrade guidelines on the use of facemasks, to make the wearing of masks mandatory in shops, on public transport, and in other public, enclosed spaces.  [...]

Ensuring a Safer Exit from Lockdown

Statement from the Ard Comhairle of the Workers’ Party The Irish government recently announced a staggered end to the Covid-19 movement restrictions which have been in place since March, including a far speedier-than-planned exit from [...]

Workers’ Party condemns “intolerable” attack on postal worker

Gemma Weir, Workers' Party representative for North Belfast, has described the attack of a postal worker in Newtownabbey as "intolerable" and "having no place in our community." The assault, which took place in the Whitehall [...]

Call to rename IFSC building commemorating slave-holder family

The Workers’ Party has called on Dublin City Council to rename one of the first offices developed in Dublin’s IFSC, La Touche House. La Touche House was originally named to commemorate the Diggs La Touche [...]

Reduction in part-time Pandemic Unemployment Payment wrongly assumes part-time work is a choice

The Workers’ Party has condemned the announcement by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to cut the Pandemic Unemployment Payment for part-time workers, saying the decision is based on a false assumption that those who were working [...]

Bodenstown 2020: For The Unity of Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter

Bodenstown 2020 The annual Workers’ Party Wolfe Tone commemoration, scheduled to take place in Bodenstown, Co Kildare on Sunday 28th June, has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic-related travel and social-distancing regulations in force. [...]

The US regime represents a real threat to world stability

The United States is experiencing an increasing domestic crisis. The death of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, at the hands of the police has sparked mass protests and riots. Journalists are being openly arrested [...]

Northside Dublin Covid19 cases clearly linked to overcrowded housing

Calls for Minister to require hotels open up to those living in overcrowded accommodation  The high concentration of Covid19 cases on the Northside of Dublin city show the risks of living in overcrowded housing during [...]

Domestic abuse legislation must be fast-tracked by Stormont

The Workers' Party have called for the domestic abuse legislation currently proposed in Stormont to be fast-tracked.  Kieran McCausland, Workers' Party representative in Upper Bann, made the call saying:  "North of the border, there has [...]

Proposed Vincent Byrne site plan a “cash grab at the expense of renters and the community”

A plan from private developers to build 250 built to rent apartments on Palmerstown’s Vincent Byrne site has been described as a “cash grab at the expense of renters and the community” by local Workers’ [...]

The Workers’ Party Easter Oration 2020

Sunday 12th April 2020 Comrades and friends, This is surely the most surreal Easter commemoration that any of us have ever witnessed or, indeed are likely to witness in the future. The Covid-19 pandemic itself, [...]

Workers’ Party calls on MPs to reject £10,000 Coronavirus bonus

The Workers' Party have called for MPs to reject the £10,000 payment granted to them by the Parliament Expenses Authority in Westminster, to compensate them for working from home during the Covid19 outbreak.  Kieran McCausland, [...]

50th Anniversary of the Battle of the Falls – Statement from the National Commemoration Committee

Coverage of the Battle of the Falls in The United Irishman, paper of the Official Republican Movement, in August 1970 Comrades and Friends, This Easter, the National Commemoration Committee of The Workers’ Party of Ireland sends its [...]

US troops in Shannon will worsen Coronavirus spread

The continued arrival of US troops into Shannon Airport risks worsening the Coronavirus outbreak in Ireland, according to Workers' Party representative Éilis Ryan.  Ryan, a former Workers' Party city councillor, said:  "The fact that these [...]

Workers’ Party calls for immediate introduction of telemedicine abortion in NI 

Gemma Weir Gemma Weir, Workers' Party representative in North Belfast, has called for the immediate facilitation by the NI Minister of Health, for abortion provided via telemedicine.   Responding to First Minister Arlene Foster's claims that [...]

A Revolution of Ideas

Tomas Mac Giolla argues that Easter Week 1916 still has great relevance today (first published in the March/April 1991 edition of Making Sense, marking the 75th anniversary of the Rising) No member of the Workers’ [...]

Domino’s Pizza accused of ignoring safe working practices

A Workers' Party representative in North Belfast has called for Domino's Pizza to introduce immediate safe working practices for staff.  Christopher Bailie, Workers' Party representative for Oldpark DEA, said:  "Workers in Domino's Pizza have approached [...]

What the pandemic tells us about capitalism

The Coronavirus pandemic is revealing that capitalism is incompatible with public health. In Ireland and the UK, right wing governments are now implementing measures which only a few months ago would have been dismissed as [...]

Workers’ Party calls on Randox to release coronavirus testing kit from patent

Gemma Weir The Workers' Party has called for Belfast-based Randox Laboratories, who manufacture a testing kit for COVID-19, to release it from patent in order to enable widespread, fast manufacture of the kit.  Gemma Weir, [...]

Calls for dedicated social distancing inspectors for NI factories

The Workers' Party has called for the introduction of dedicated on-site social distancing inspectors to be deployed by the Northern Ireland Department of Health to all essential factories which must remain open throughout the COVID-19 [...]

Covid-19 crisis shows preschool system needs to be rationalised and brought under state control

The Workers' Party has today called for the state to take control of the entire pre-school education system. Workers' Party representative Éilis Ryan stated that: “We obviously welcome the fact that so many poorly paid [...]

Rents should be reduced by 75%, says Workers’ Party

The Workers’ Party have called on the government to introduce a compulsory rent reduction of up to 75%, to secure tenants and enable greater spending in the economy. The call comes ahead of Dáil debate [...]

Cork councillor calls for extension of fuel allowance beyond April

Workers' Party councillor Ted Tynan has called for an extension of the fuel allowance beyond the end of April, in light of the ongoing Covid-19 virus epidemic.  The Cork city councillor said: "We know now that [...]

Calls for homeless families to be housed in ex-AirBnB properties

David Gardiner, Workers' Party representative in Dublin Mid-West, has called for emptyproperties to be requisitioned for use by families currently living in emergency accommodation amidst, for the duration of COVID-19 pandemic.  Gardiner said:"Due to the [...]

Calls for protective gear and pay dividend for essential retail workers

David Gardiner, a paramedic, trade unionist and Workers’ Party representative, has called for the safety of essential retail workers to be guaranteed at work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Gardiner, the party’s representative in Dublin Mid-West, [...]

Workers’ Party calls for Personal Protective Equipment for NI care workers

Conor Campbell, Workers’ Party representative in Upper Springfield/Black Mountain, has called on the UK government to ensure provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the pivotal role of care workers fighting coronavirus. Campbell said:  “Social [...]

Cork bus routes must be nationalised and funded to survive Coronavirus’s impact

Workers’ Party councillor Ted Tynan has called for all long-distance bus services serving Cork, along with a range of other public transport options, to be nationalised, in order to survive the impact of the Coronavirus.  [...]

Workers’ Party calls for a ban on non-essential inbound travel to Ireland

Calls for nationalisation of Irish Ferries, aid to Aer Lingus The Workers' Party has called for an immediate ban on non-essential travel into the island of Ireland, saying the measure is now essential to enabling [...]

All-Island approach to Coronavirus is essential to safeguarding NI

The Workers’ Party has called for an all-island approach to tackling the Coronavirus, stating that this is the only way to safeguard the wellbeing of populations both North and South of the border. Speaking on [...]

Workers’ Party statement on COVID-19 on the island of Ireland

Rapid expansion of emergency measures required to switch Ireland from Italy to China trajectory From statistics released to date, and taking into account the types of preventive measures adopted in Ireland to date, and the [...]