The largest strike in the north of Ireland in decades takes place today. The impact of today’s strike will be felt across all sections of our economy as workers take the only action left open to them and demand that urgently needed funds are released, funding which has been withheld by the Secretary of State due to the refusal of the DUP to form a government.

Workers are fighting for a cost of living payment, decent conditions and appropriate funding for their services. Decades of underfunding, underpay, overwork and backdoor privatisation have rendered our workers burned out and struggling to survive and left our public services in tatters.

As rallies take place across the north in support of strike action, we all have an obligation to stand in solidarity with our fellow workers who courageously fight for our public services, for fair pay, decent conditions and against privatisation. Equally we must demand the Secretary of State releases the necessary funding immediately.

United we bargain, divided we beg.