The Workers’ Party

 The Workers’ Party stands for the socialist alternative. The Workers’ Party envisions an Ireland free from the injustices of unemployment, poverty, racism and sexism – an Ireland free from the principal cause of inequality: capitalism.

Society as it stands is marked by economic exploitation, inequality, and, in Northern Ireland, sectarian division. We seek to create an egalitarian society where what matters is the interests of the majority, not greed or individualism. Instead of discrimination, racism and sectarianism, we call for unity; instead of exploitation, social justice. In short, we seek to rebuild society upon the principles of socialism.

A democratically-controlled economy, which satisfies the needs of all, is the foundation of a free and equal society. Working people, who produce the wealth of society, are the ones best able to build this foundation.

The workers’ movement is at a low ebb following decades of reverses, rampant capitalism and austerity. It is time to turn the tide. Workers need a principled party that puts their interests above everything else and that seeks to build the political alternative to the current consensus north and south.

Workers party members supporting the nurse strike

Why we need a party

Many socialist activists limit their political activity to involvement in single issue campaigns, NGOs, or trade unions. These all play an important role in challenging social ills, but they are not a substitute for a party. At the root of many of the problems we face on a day-to-day basis is capitalist control over the economy. Challenging this requires winning political power; the task of a party.

The resources of the State can be used to develop an environmentally-sustainable economy that meets the needs of the many and not of the wealthy few. This means expanding the role of publicly-owned companies as the vehicles of major economic activity and strengthening trade union rights while defending the existing State and co-operative sectors.

The struggle to build a better world is a global struggle, and the Workers’ Party places internationalism at the heart of our politics.

We in the Workers’ Party aim to forge a party capable of winning state power and building a new, democratic, secular, and socialist Republic. This is a long-road and there are no quick fixes. But with your help we can build the strength to make it possible.