The Workers’ Party is proud to announce that Garrett Greene will be standing in Cabra-Glasnevin at the upcoming local elections.

Greene, a father of three living in Phibsboro, said: “The concerns of working people have unfortunately fallen on deaf ears in Dublin City Council and I want to change that. The Workers’ Party believes that class politics should be central to every level of government. If elected, I will fight for the construction of mixed-income, universally-accessible public housing, the renationalisation of waste collection and for working communities to have our voices heard and our concerns addressed.”

“The establishment parties, both at the local and national level, have consistently failed to address the issues facing workers. We need to elect strong socialist fighters who will take the fight straight to them on behalf of working people.”

“As a Workers’ Party representative, I have campaigned for the renationalisation of waste collection, for more regular street cleanups in different parts of Cabra and Phibsboro, and to reopen the Four Masters Park in Phibsboro. I’ve objected to digital advertising boards on the North Circular Road and I’ve worked to resist evictions. I want to continue the fight for a better Dublin and for a more efficient council in the chambers of City Hall.”

Workers’ Party President Michael McCorry said: “Garrett is a socialist, republican and trade unionist, and we are glad that he is standing for the Workers’ Party. He is one of a new generation ready to take the fight to the establishment parties.”

“The Workers’ Party is standing in these elections to give everyday working people a voice in local government. There is no issue too big or small for us to fight on so long as doing so benefits the working class.”

“We want to put strong socialist fighters in the councils to take on the establishment parties on the basis of class politics, and I would urge all voters who want to see workers put first to give Garrett Greene their number one vote in Cabra-Glasnevin.”