Rioting has broken out in Dublin city centre following an attack on Parnell Square earlier today which left three children and a woman hospitalised. The perpetrator of the attack must be brought to justice and face punishment proportional to their crime; their nationality is irrelevant in this respect. This must be done through the legal system and not through vigilantism.

People should be appalled by the attack in Dublin earlier today. More broadly, there are serious issues around safety in the city that the tragic event that unfolded today cannot be viewed in isolation from. However, attacking random migrants, public transport workers, firefighters and Gardaí, as well as wrecking the streets of Dublin, looting, burning Garda cars, buses and a Luas, will do nothing to address any of these concerns. Instead, it will largely come at the expense of the taxpayer. The issue of safety in Dublin city is one that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, but rioting on the streets tonight will not achieve that.

It has been alleged on social media that the perpetrator of the initial attack is of foreign origin. It is irresponsible to spread such a claim without prior confirmation from Gardaí. Many, but not all, are doing so in order to incite random acts of violence against migrants and to further a far-right political agenda. Others are being swept up in a frenzy which will see them turning against other working people, their friends, neighbours and co-workers, based on prejudice. It would be irresponsible to comment any further on this aspect of the day’s tragic events without full confirmation of the facts.

The Workers’ Party calls for calm on the streets of Dublin, while our thoughts remain with the victims of today’s attack, as well as those caught up in the ensuing violence.