The Workers’ Party of Ireland condemn the arrest of Comrade Haitham Dafallah by the RSF on Friday, 20th of January, 2024 and call for his immediate release.

We acknowledge that this is the latest in a series of persecutions carried out against the Sudanese Communist Party by reactionary and anti-democratic forces. We condemn all such attacks on the leaders and cadre of your Party.

Furthermore, we reiterate the sentiments expressed by all signatories to the statement arising from the 23rd IMCWP and offer solidarity to the Sudanese Communist Party and the Sudanese people in your ‘struggle for freedom, democracy, social justice and building a democratic civil authority.’

We fully support your call for the release of all detainees, a national and international campaign against human rights violations, and an immediate ceasefire and end to the war.

In Solidarity,

Michael McCorry, Party President

Alan Kidney, International Secretary, The Workers’ Party of Ireland