Citizens’ Assembly puts ball in Fine Gael court to legislate for freely available abortion

Citizens’ Assembly puts ball in Fine Gael court to legislate for freely available abortion  Workers' Party activists including Seamus McDonagh with the party's Repeal the 8th Amendment banner in Dublin last week The [...]

Fine Gael slammed for leaving Irish women’s lives to chance with Citizens’ Assembly 

    The Workers Party has slammed what it says is Fine Gael's decision to delegate women's healthcare to a handful of people. Reacting to this afternoon's announcement that the Citizens' Assembly would not be recommending [...]

Maternity Hospital debacle prompts calls for full ‘divestment’ of St. Vincent’s Hospital from church

Workers’ Party Councillor Éilis Ryan has issued a statement calling for the full divestment and state acquisition of St Vincent’s Hospital, in a manner similar to the divestment of national schools. The councillor, who led [...]

The Workers’ Party says the principle of a public national health service is at stake in the National Maternity Hospital debacle

Cllr. Eilis Ryan, Workers’ Party Councillor for the North Inner City, said: Discussions about triple locks and golden shares completely miss the point concerning the National Maternity Hospital debacle. There is simply no need for [...]

Workers Party to contest Westminster seats in Northern Ireland

For Northern Ireland the Westminster election on June 8th is not about leaving the European Union nor is it a re-run of the referendum. It is an opportunity to pass judgement on the main parties [...]

300 people attend Workers’ Party demo against National Maternity Hospital plan

300 people attended a lunchtime demonstration outside the Department of Health today (Thursday). The demonstration, which was called by the Workers’ Party, was organised to protest against a government decision that the Sisters of Charity [...]

Workers’ Party Easter Oration 2017

Workers' Party oration marking the 101st anniversary of the 1916 Rising Gemma Weir delivering the Workers' Party Easter oration at Arbour Hill, Dublin.       The Easter Rising 1916 was a truly [...]

Church ownership of National Maternity Hospital makes a mockery of the Citizens’ Assembly

The Workers’ Party has condemned the decision to grant sole ownership of the new National Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity, saying it presents a ‘nightmare scenario’ to women who will depend on the [...]

Workers’ Party of Ireland solidarity message to the Iraqi Communist Party

Dear Comrades, The Workers Party of Ireland extends its solidarity to the Iraqi Communist Party and condemns the vicious and cowardly attack on the headquarters of the district committee of the Iraqi Communist Party in [...]

Workers’ Party says Fianna Fáil trying to leave the door open for water charges in future

Commenting on developments at the Oireachtas Water Committee, Workers’ Party Cork City Councillor Ted Tynan said: 'The last minute deal by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil to amend the recommendations of the Water Committee report [...]

Breakdown in Bus Éireann talks proves need for greater direct government involvement in public transport

Séamus McDonagh, Workers' Party representative for Meath, has called for the government to step into the Bus Éireann dispute, by putting in place a Registered Employment Agreement (REA) for bus workers. Speaking following the breakdown [...]

Workers’ Party proposes new public holiday to compensate bar workers for end to Good Friday alcohol ban

The Workers’ Party has proposed a new public holiday to compensate bar and off licence workers for the proposed end to the Good Friday alcohol ban. The proposal comes in response to legislation introduced today [...]

Over 100 Bus Éireann Workers Petition RTÉ for Fair Coverage of Dispute

Bus Éireann workers have today lodged a petition with RTÉ calling for fair coverage of strike action. The letter, which was drafted and submitted by the Workers’ Party with hundreds of signatures from Bus Éireann [...]

Coveney’s water stance exposes Fine Gael hypocrisy on Europe

TThe Workers Party has accused Simon Coveney of a hypocritical attitude to rulings by European bodies over his stance on the report by the Oireachtas committee on water Workers' Party representative for Dublin North West, [...]

Calls for new compulsory institutional redress scheme in wake of Oblates statement

A statement released by the Oblates on Tuesday (April 4th) has been met with calls for the state to abandon the voluntary redress scheme in place since the Ryan Report, and make way for a [...]

Dublin Councillors vote against state company to develop public lands

Dublin City Councillors have voted down a Workers' Party proposal that a state company be established in order to build public housing on publicly-owned land. Reacting to the vote, Workers' Party councillor Éilis Ryan said: [...]

Dublin housing reaching Celtic Tiger levels of unaffordability for average worker

The Workers’ Party has condemned the figures on increasing house prices in Dublin have been met with Workers’ Party Dublin representative Gavin Mendel-Gleason. Responding to figures released today (3rd April) by, Mendel-Gleason said: The [...]

Councillor warns Dublin City Council land tendering plan risks repeating PPP failures of the past

Calls for Dublin City Council to use a state company to develop its land instead of PPP A city councillor has warned that Dublin City Council (DCC) is at risk of repeating the disastrous Public-Private [...]

Warning that Jobstown jury selection bias denies justice

There have been warnings that the Director of Public Prosecution's (DPP's) attempts to curtail representation of a broad set of activists on the jury of the Jobstown trial, could undermine the defendant's right to a [...]

Further DPP Jobstown intrusion slammed as an attempt to silence peaceful campaigning

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has this morning come in for criticism for its attempts to silence peaceful campaigners in the run up to the trial of dozens of Jobstown anti-water charges activists. Cllr. [...]

Workers’ Party send message to CP of Greece (KKE) on start of 20th Congress

The Workers' Party has sent the following message of greetings and solidarity to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) to mark the opening of the KKE's 20th Congress in Athens today (March 30th) GREETINGS FROM [...]

Calls for Minister for Education to abandon Community National School segregation model

There have been calls for Minister for Education, Richard Bruton, to abandon his support for the Community National School (CNS) model of primary education, in light of emerging evidence that its policy of segregating children [...]

Dublin 3-bed house price now more than ten times the average household income

The average price of a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Dublin is now more than ten times the average household income in the capital, according to Workers’ Party Dublin representative Gavin Mendel-Gleason. Commenting on figures released [...]

The Workers Party has expressed its solidarity with Bus Éireann Workers who are currently on strike following the decision of company management to proceed unilaterally to cut pay and conditions. Cllr. Ted Tynan has said that it [...]

Calls for Dublin City Councillors to reverse land privatisation plans in light of Nevin Institute public cost-rental proposals

The launch this morning by the Nevin Institute of a detailed proposal for public, cost-rental housing development has led to calls for Dublin City Council to reverse its plans to allow private housing development on [...]

Renewed calls for AIB to remain in public ownership

Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s revelation that the government intends to use revenue from the sale of 25% of the state’s stake in AIB for debt reduction has been met with calls to keep the bank in [...]

US warship in Cork Harbour is flagrant violation of Irish neutrality

U.S. naval machine gun crew at the ready on board USS Donald Cook at Cobh quay this afternoon The Workers’ Party has condemned the presence of armed machine-gunners onboard a US warship docked [...]

Success of Clery’s deal will hinge on trade union rights

Workers’ Party congratulates Clery’s workers on forcing a deal Workers’ Party councillor Éilis Ryan has congratulated Clery’s workers on their 21-month battle for fair treatment after they were made redundant following the liquidation of the [...]

High cost of billionaire tax-break passports slammed

Quarter of Irish billionaires ‘only Irish for tax purposes’ A quarter of the eight Irish billionaires listed on Forbes magazine’s billionaire list are former American citizens, who have received huge tax breaks as a result [...]

An Bord Pleanála hearing on Clery’s must focus on €1.5m Council Levy exemption

There have been calls for An Bord Pleanála to examine a €1.5 million council levy exemption granted to developer consortium Natrium, at the planning appeals hearing of the controversial Clery's development which begins tomorrow (Monday). [...]

FG cllr slammed for ‘bigoted’ comments on social housing

Ashbourne councillor Alan Tobin has come in for criticism following comments that he made in opposition to 67 proposed units of social housing in the town. Speaking in reaction to the comments, Séamus McDonagh (Workers’ [...]

Plummeting home ownership figures prove need for public, mixed-income housing

Home ownership figures released by the CSO today have been met with calls for the state to scale up investment in public, mixed-income housing.   Reacting to the figures, Cllr. Éilis Ryan (Workers’ Party) said: [...]

Inflated cost of Help to Buy Scheme proves it is worthless to most working families

The government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme has come under criticism for subsidising builders while failing to address the housing needs of most middle and low income households. Figures released by the Department of Finance show [...]

Calls for compulsory confiscation of church assets, schools and hospitals in wake of latest institutions scandal

Cllr. Éilis Ryan The Workers’ Party has called for the compulsory confiscation of assets from orders whose institutions contributed to the abuse of women, children and other vulnerable groups in the last century. [...]

The 1983 Eight Amendment and the Workers’ Party

Repeal the 8th Amendment! Looking back at campaigning against the 8th Amendment in 1983. Still fighting against it today, we spoke to present and past members including Anne Finnegan, Mary Diskin, Eilish Matthews, [...]

Proposed closure of 80 post offices will kill off rural Ireland

Seamus McDonagh (WP) The Workers’ Party have said that the proposed closure of at least 80 post offices, most of them in rural areas, would amount to “another nail in the coffin of [...]

Council commemoration for archbishop ‘totally inappropriate’ in light of Tuam disclosures

The Lord Mayor has come in for criticism for marking the death of the late, former Archbishop of Dublin, in the same moment as the council remembered those babies whose remains were discovered in Tuam [...]

Quarter-billion AIB dividend highlights madness of bank re-privatisation

Banking policy amounts to ‘public handouts for bankers in hard times, profit privatisation in good times.’ Ryan calls for AIB to be kept in public ownership as a public investment bank. Government plans to re-privatise [...]

Lorraine Hennessy to host International Women’s Day event in Rowlagh, West Dublin

Lorraine Hennessy (Workers' Party) invites women to celebrate International Women's Day, March 8th at Rowlagh Community Centre, Dublin 22.   From 7.30pm to 9.15pm. "A day for celebrating - but how do women fare in [...]

NTA favoritism for private bus operators sparks call for their abolition

Cllr. Éilis Ryan The National Transport Authority (NTA) has faced accusations of favoring privatisation of transport following its comments yesterday (28/2) that private operators can adequately cover all but one Bus Éireann Expressway [...]