An Post “upgrade” will further erode services in smaller towns and villages

The Workers’ Party has criticised an announcement by An Post of a plan to close around 100 post offices across the country while concentrating modernised servces in cities and larger urban areas as another blow [...]

Workers’ Party hold Belfast rally in opposition to imperialist attacks on Syria

Workers' Party members outside Belfast City Hall this afternoon (Friday) in opposition to US/UK/French bombing of Syria.     Workers Party opposes imperialist attacks against Syria   The Workers Party of Ireland condemns [...]

NAMA should sack Poolbeg receiver for reneging on social housing commitments

Cllr. Éilis Ryan The Workers’ Party have called on the Minister for Finance to instruct NAMA to sack the receiver appointed to a number of portfolios, including the land bank at the former [...]

Workers’ Party call for restoration of tax relief on trade union subscriptions

The Workers' Party have demanded demanded that the government restore tax relief on Trade Union subscriptions for workers, saying that the present situation whereby Trade Union members are the only people paying subscriptions to  representative [...]

Public Expenditure officials warned government against EU army 2% expenditure requirements

Cllr. Éilis Ryan The government received advice from senior officials in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) in March 2017 that raising its defense expenditure to 2%, as required under the [...]

Syria Air Strikes will strengthen the hand of jihadi extremists

Gavin Mendel-Gleason The Workers’ Party have condemned air strikes carried out by United States, French and British forces on Syria Friday night, saying they will only strengthen the hand of jihadi extremists who [...]

Statement by the Workers Party on the attacks against Syria

The Workers' Party of Ireland condemns last night’s missile attacks on Syria as an escalation of imperialist aggression in the region under the pretext of an unproven allegation concerning chemical weapons in eastern Ghouta. France [...]

Declaração do Partido dos Trabalhadores da Irlanda sobre o atual golpe de direita no Brasil

O Partido dos Trabalhadores da Irlanda (Workers’ Party of Ireland) se solidariza com as forças democráticas, progressistas e revolucionárias e organizações de trabalhadores no Brasil, protestando contra a ordem de prisão do ex-presidente Luís Inácio [...]

Eir redundancies confirm failure of telecoms privatisation

The Workers’ Party has said that the scale of voluntary redundancies announced today (Thursday) by Eir, are further proof of the failure of privatisation in the telecoms sector. Commenting on today’s announcement, Workers’ Party [...]

Workers’ Party welcomes launch of Together for Yes in Meath

The Workers’ Party’s representative in Meath, Séamus McDonagh, has this morning welcomed the launch of Together for Yes in Meath, which officially took place last night (Wednesday) in the Newgrange Hotel in Navan. McDonagh, who [...]

Close Shannon Airport to US as it prepares Syria attack in support of Islamic terrorists

The Workers’ Party has called for an immediate closure of the facilities at Shannon Airport to the US military as it prepares to attack Syria in support of Islamic terrorist groups in the war-torn country. [...]

Workers Party of Ireland contribution at European Communist Meeting in Brussels

European Communist Meeting Brussels, 11th April 2018 “Work in the working class and its labour movement, as a necessary prerequisite for a clash with the EU, the overthrow of capitalist barbarism and the construction of [...]

Workers’ Party statement on the ongoing right-wing coup in Brazil

The Workers’ Party of Ireland stands in solidarity with democratic, progressive and revolutionary forces and workers’ organisations in Brazil protesting against the order for the arrest of former President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva and [...]

Statement of Solidarity by the Workers’ Party with the Palestinian people

Free Palestine Thousands of Palestinians have been protesting along the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip as part of the Great March of Return movement. The grotesque, disproportionate and lethal response of the Israeli state [...]

Workers’ Party Easter Oration, Belfast 1st April 2018

Workers Unite, the Power of a United Working Class The following speech was delivered by Comrade Gerry Grainger at the Workers' Party commemoration in Belfast on 1st April 2018. Oration by Comrade Gerry Grainger, Chair [...]

Workers’ Party speech marking the 102nd anniversary of the Easter Rising

The Workers’ Party Easter Oration, Sunday 1st April 2018 The following speech was delivered at Workers' Party commemorations in Dublin, Cork and Waterford. Welcome Comrades and Friends, We stand here today on the 102nd anniversary [...]

Tribute to May Mac Giolla by Workers’ Party President Michael Donnelly

Personal tribute to May Mac Giolla by Workers' Party President Michael Donnelly Workers' Party President Michael Donnelly I first met May many years ago back in the early 1970’s through her husband Tomás [...]

Tribute to Friend and Comrade Mhaire Bhean Mhic Giolla

Tribute to Friend and Comrade Mhaire Bhean Mhic Giolla by Sean Garland, National Treasurer The Workers' Party of Ireland Thursday 29th March 2018 Comrades May Mac Giolla, Tomas Mac Giolla and Sean Garland [...]

Visit of UK naval vessels to Haulbowline condemned by Workers’ Party

The Workers’ Party have condemned the government’s granting of permission to three British naval vessels to berth inside Haulbowline Naval Base today (Tuesday). HMS Charger, one of the three vessels now at Haulbolwline [...]

Death of May Mac Giolla, Workers’ Party member and widow of former Lord Mayor of Dublin Tomás MacGiolla

May MacGiolla’s lifetime spanned a century of Irish socialist and republican struggle The death has taken place (last night, Saturday 24th March) of May MacGiolla, long time Workers’ Party member and widow of the late [...]

Varadkar Russia comments show him up as a sycophant more concerned with famous friends than leadership

Gavin Mendel-Gleason The Workers’ Party have condemned Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s suggestions that Russian diplomats be expelled from Ireland. Workers’ Party Dublin Northwest representative Gavin Mendel-Gleason said: “Tory governments have never hesitated to lie [...]

Metro North cannot come at disadvantage of local communities

The Workers’ Party have issued a call for Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to begin an immediate, independently-facilitated and transparent consultation with Na Fianna GAA club, in the wake of TII’s announcement that it intends to [...]

High-rise training and equipment for fire officers urgently needed in wake of Ballymun Metro fire

A Workers’ Party representative and firefighter has called for urgent training for firefighters in the wake of last night’s (Wednesday) fire at the Metro Hotel in Ballymun. David Gardiner, who is the Workers’ Party representative [...]

Digital data usage regulations urgently needed ahead of 8th amendment referendum

The Workers’ Party have called on the government to ensure regulations are in place governing the use of digital data by Cambridge Analytica-style companies, ahead of May’s referendum on the 8th amendment. Workers’ Party councillor [...]

Larkfield House: cowboy developers cannot be allowed to ‘blackmail’ planning authorities

RTB must guarantee tenants will not be evicted for arrears The Workers’ Party have called on planning authorities and the Residential Tenancies Board to issue a clear statement to tenants of Larkfield House apartment complex [...]

Dublin City Council should rezone vacant land to deliver affordable housing

Cllr. Éilis Ryan Workers’ Party Dublin City Councillor Éilis Ryan has called for the introduction of a new zoning category for Dublin’s vacant lands, to ensure housing built on those lands is affordable. [...]

Kildare bus privatisations expose NTA preference for low-wage companies

Gavin Mendel-Gleason The Workers’ Party have said that the tender criteria used by the National Transport Authority (NTA) to select operator Go Ahead for six Kildare bus routes exposes the NTA’s wage reduction [...]

Liverpool decision on Irish foetal abnormality patients exposes hypocrisy of 8th amendment

100 Meath women travelled to UK for abortions in 2016 alone Workers' Party representative for Meath, Séamus McDonagh, has said that the decision by Liverpool Hospital Trust to deprioritise Irish patients seeking to terminate pregnancies [...]

Workers’ Party TCD calls for immediate end to management lock-in of student protestors

Students left without toilet facilities, as private management company locks activists into occupied Dining Hall The Workers' Party society based in Trinity College Dublin have called for the urgent reversal of the lock-in of student [...]

New Panda recycling charges show need for producers to pay for plastics

The Workers’ Party have today (Wednesday) issued a call for a series of measures to force retailers to reduce plastic packaging. The call comes in the wake of new recycling charges announced by Panda waste [...]

Workers’ Party TCD endorses escalation of action by ‘Take Back Trinity’ campaign 

The Workers' Party society based in Trinity College Dublin have endorsed plans to escalate action by the 'Take Back Trinity' campaign against new repeat examination fees, and other fee increases.  Secretary of the Workers' Party [...]

Joint Call of Communist Youth Organizations for the Day of Common Action and of Solidarity towards the Palestinian People

We denounce to the young people, to the peoples of the entire world, the ongoing crime of US-NATO-Israel against the Palestinian people. The US decision to declare Jerusalem as "the capital of Israel" and to [...]

Workers’ Party calls for full separation of church and state on International Women’s Day

To mark International Women’s Day 2018, the Workers’ Party have issued a call for the commencement of a comprehensive programme of actions to separate the Catholic Church from the Irish state. Cllr. Éilis Ryan, speaking [...]

Calls for Canadian-style expanded state pension scheme in response to ‘Roadmap for Pensions Reform’

Gavin Mendel-Gleason The Workers’ Party have issued a proposal for a radically-expanded state pension scheme, in response to the government-issued “Roadmap for Pensions Reform” proposal, released last week. Workers’ Party spokesperson Gavin Mendel-Gleason [...]

Calls for student rent caps in response to €200 million student accommodation expansion

The Workers’ Party have issued a call for rent caps to be introduced across all purpose-built student accommodation, to regulate the rapidly-expanding private student accommodation market. The calls come in the wake of an announcement [...]

Workers’ Party calls on Minister to veto bonuses for AIB chiefs

Gavin Mendel-Gleason The Workers’ Party have today (Thursday) called on Minister for Finance Paschal Donohue to veto proposed bonuses for AIB senior executives. The call comes in response to a proposal contained in AIB’s [...]

Demand for non-religious education cannot be met by choice-based model

The Workers’ Party have called for urgent changes to the current system of deciding school patronage, in the wake of figures showing a 10% rise in pupil numbers in multi-denominational schools. Speaking on the matter, [...]

Workers’ Party of Ireland International Affairs Dept greetings to German Communist Party (DKP

Head Office: 24a-25 Hill Street, Dublin 1, Ireland To: The International Department of the Central Committee, German Communist Party (DKP)) 28th February 2018 Dear comrades, The Workers Party of Ireland sends warm comradely greetings to [...]

Tynan calls for a different vision for Cork City based on the needs of citizens, not relentless ‘development’

Cork City Hall with Elysian tower behind - plans are now afoot for a new skycraper twice as high as Ireland's current highest building The Workers’ Party have called for an alternative vision [...]

Harris splitting hairs in vain defence of chronic hospital ED crowding

The Workers’ Party have accused Health Minister Simon Harris of splitting hairs in a vain attempt to deflect criticism over the ongoing chronic overcrowding in hospital Emergency Departments which according to the INMO sees 643 [...]