Workers’ Party to hold Wolfe Tone Commemoration at Bodenstown this Sunday

The Workers’ Party will hold its annual commemoration of Theobald Wolfe Tone at Bodenstown, County Kildare this Sunday afternoon (25 June).    The event will commence at 1.30pm and the party is asking members and supporters [...]

Workers’ Party send solidarity message to CP of Venezuela

Central Committee Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV) MESSAGE FROM THE WORKERS PARTY OF IRELAND TO THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF VENEZUELA Dear Comrades, The Workers Party of Ireland sends warm comradely greetings to the Communist Party [...]

World Federation of Trade Unions statement on the tragedy in Grenfell, London

Statement of the World Federation of Trade Unions on last week's tragedy at Grenfell Tower, London." "The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its sincere sadness for the victims who have found tragic death in [...]

Workers’ Party says Grenfell Tower Block Disaster holds lessons for Ireland

Local Councils must take full control of social housing provision and the concerns of fire service workers must be addressed, are two of the lessons for Ireland from the horrific Grenfell Tower Block Disaster, which [...]

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Landlords whinging to Minister shows up their real colours

Ireland’s landlords have revealed their true colours in their statement to new Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy, according to the Workers’ Party. Reacting to a statement released today (Friday) by the Irish Property Owners Association [...]

Only full choice for women can stop nightmare of courts and lawyers

All political parties must support the Citizen's Assembly's recommendations for full access to abortion up to twelve weeks, to prevent further nightmarish situations for women. This is according to Workers’ Party councillor Éilis Ryan, who [...]

Poolbeg explosion proves irresponsibility of privatising waste disposal

Last night's "uncontrolled explosion" at the Covanta-run Poolbeg incinerator demonstrates the irresponsibility of handing waste management services over to the private sector, according to Cllr. Éilis Ryan of the Workers' Party. Speaking following the incident, [...]

Martin support for Varadkar proves no real difference between FF and FG

Cllr. Éilis Ryan Micheál Martin's almost immediate agreement to facilitate Leo Varadkar's election as Taoiseach proves there is "no real difference" between the two largest parties in the state, according to the Workers' Party. [...]

What Really Matters? Eve of Poll Video

What Really Matters Workers Party 2017 from Workers Party on Vimeo. This Election has been dominated by talk of sectarian pacts, inter-party deals and paper candidates. The major parties have sought to turn the campaign [...]

Irish Rail “insolvency” is result of miserly state subvention; workers should not have to pay the price

Cllr. Ted Tynan The Workers’ Party have said that the latest crisis at Irish Rail is the result of years of underfunding and one of the lowest levels of state subvention per capita [...]

AIB tax-holiday a direct subsidy to private speculators

The Workers' Party have condemned the 30-year "corporation tax holiday" the government is granting AIB in order to attract private investors in the state bank. Workers' Party representative Gavin Mendel-Gleason said: Its extraordinary that, for [...]

AIB’s bad loans firesale prioritises investors over those needing housing

The Workers’ Party has condemned AIB’s plans to escalate the sale of its bad loan books, in order to entice investors to buy shares in the state-owned bank. Workers’ Party representative for Dublin Northwest, Gavin [...]

Workers’ Party describe investment bank advice to government on AIB sale as like the ‘fox guarding the hen-house’

Workers’ Party Dublin North West representative Gavin Mendel-Gleason has described as deeply worrying the fact that the government is receiving advice from investments banks such as Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank on the possible sale [...]

Government must move urgently to implement asylum seekers’ right to work judgement

Seamus McDonagh Workers’ Party representative for Meath, Séamus McDonagh, has called on the government to introduce legislation immediately to implement the Supreme Court’s ruling today (Tuesday) that asylum seekers must be given the right [...]

Campaigners say NMH decision “just one step” towards proper public maternity services

Campaigners who sparked the withdrawal of the Sisters of Charity from the new National Maternity Hospital (NMH) have said the decision represents one step in the right direction, but does nothing to resolve the need [...]

Hibernia profit surge shows madness of NAMA sell-off strategy

The profits now being made off assets previously controlled by NAMA show the madness of the government’s “Sell-Off Strategy,” according to the Workers’ Party. Comments released by Cllr. Éilis Ryan (Workers’ Party, North Inner City) [...]

Fitzpatrick acquittal highlights Ireland’s failed justice system

The Workers’ Party have described as deeply disturbing the news that former Anglo-Irish Bank chairman Sean Fitzpatrick has been acquitted on the 126th day of his trial on charges relating to financial irregularities which led [...]

New unilateral bin charges show up farce of voluntary regulation

Revelations today (Sunday) that private waste operators have unilaterally introduced ‘pay-by-weight’ type bin charges - contrary to an agreement in place with government - show up the pointlessness of ‘voluntary’ regulations, according to the Workers’ [...]

AIB sell-off prioritises short-term windfall over long-term economic stability

Michael Noonan’s decision to begin the flotation of AIB next week has drawn criticism for prioritising short-term cash flow over and above the long-term interests of the Irish economy. Commenting on the decision, Workers’ Party [...]

Vultures will rule Ireland long after Noonan’s departure

Outgoing Minister for Finance Michael Noonan’s real legacy will be the control of Irish property, homes and economy by vulture funds, according to Workers’ Party councillor Éilis Ryan. Speaking following Minister Noonan’s announcement of his [...]

Message solidarity and support to PAME on occasion of General Strike & Rallies,

PAME protest in Athens today (17.05.2017) The Workers' Party has sent the following message to PAME, the Greek All Workers Militant Front on the occasion of the Greek General Strike organised by PAME [...]

Kenny’s departure will be met with indifference by workers and their families says Cllr. Ted Tynan

Cllr. Ted Tynan The Workers’ Party has said that the announcement that Taoiseach Enda Kenny will stand down as leader of Fine Gael tonight and as Taoiseach once that party elects a new [...]

Queries raised on why planning authorities failed to prevent Drumcondra creche closure

In the wake of the announced closure of a creche in Drumcondra to make way for a Lidl development, the Workers’ Party have raised queries as to how the creche demolition was not spotted by [...]

Blair’s true politics laid bare by his appearance at Conservative EPP conference in Wicklow

The Workers’ Party has condemned the visit today (Thursday) by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair to the conference of the European People’s Party (EPP) in Wicklow, the European parliamentary party of which Fine Gael [...]

FF proposal to cut Capital Gains Tax is a predictable return to form

The Workers’ Party has slammed Fianna Fail proposals to cut Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the sale of vacant homes as a return to form the party of the property speculator and developer. Cllr. Éilis [...]

Dublin City Council votes to sell off 80 housing units for €127

Dublin City Council has voted to sell off 80 units of public housing at St. Mary’s Mansions in Dublin 1, at its monthly meeting tonight (Monday, May 8th). At the meeting, Cllr. Éilis Ryan (Workers’ [...]

Blasphemy row sparks calls for new constitution

Workers’ Party representative for Dublin North-West, Gavin Mendel-Gleason, has responded to the row over Stephen Fry’s comments with a call for a new constitution Mendel-Gleason stated: ‘The farcical investigation into Stephen Fry’s comments shows that [...]

9th May, 72 years after the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples

Sovet soldiers fly the Red Flag over Berlin on the occasion of the defeat of fascism, May 1945 Contribution by the Workers Party of Ireland to internationalist meeting in Berlin From September 1939 [...]

Government must come clean on whether it supported Saudi bid for UN women’s commission seat

The Workers’ Party has said that the government must come clean on whether it supported Saudi Arabia’s successful bid for a seat on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Dublin Workers’ Party [...]

Student loans will widen the gulf between high- and low-income grads

Proposals to introduce income-contingent student loans, being discussed today by the Oireachtas education committee, will widen the already significant gulf between high- and low-income graduates, according to the Workers’ Party. Cllr. Eilis Ryan (Workers’ Party) [...]

Solidarity with the struggle of oil workers in Kazakhstan

Kazakh oil workers (Photo via World Federation of Trade Unions) In Kazakhstan, gross violations of trade union and labor rights, and repression of trade union activists continue. We all remember the bloody events [...]

Seamus McDonagh The Workers’ Party have marked International Workers’ Memorial Day with a call for much stiffer penalties for those who flout Health & Safety laws. Workers’ Memorial Day is an official worldwide [...]

Government move to dump state assets is gross financial negligence

More than 800 sites owned by local authorities and public bodies will be offered to the private market according to the Fine Gael led government. The Workers' Party Rep. Gavin Mendel-Gleason believes this move is [...]

National Maternity Hospital: Holles Street Board minutes must be published in full

The Workers’ Party has called for the publication of the minutes of the Holles Street ‘Executive Committee’ board ahead of any further decisions on the National Maternity Hospital (NMH). Speaking ahead of a meeting of [...]

Data shows that National Minimum Wage legislation is flouted by many employers

Cork Workers’ Party Councillor Ted Tynan  has said that data released by the Central Statistics Office today (Wednesday) shows that what is meant to be a statutory National Minimum Wage is in fact being treated [...]

Citizens’ Assembly puts ball in Fine Gael court to legislate for freely available abortion

Citizens’ Assembly puts ball in Fine Gael court to legislate for freely available abortion  Workers' Party activists including Seamus McDonagh with the party's Repeal the 8th Amendment banner in Dublin last week The [...]

Fine Gael slammed for leaving Irish women’s lives to chance with Citizens’ Assembly 

    The Workers Party has slammed what it says is Fine Gael's decision to delegate women's healthcare to a handful of people. Reacting to this afternoon's announcement that the Citizens' Assembly would not be recommending [...]

Maternity Hospital debacle prompts calls for full ‘divestment’ of St. Vincent’s Hospital from church

Workers’ Party Councillor Éilis Ryan has issued a statement calling for the full divestment and state acquisition of St Vincent’s Hospital, in a manner similar to the divestment of national schools. The councillor, who led [...]

The Workers’ Party says the principle of a public national health service is at stake in the National Maternity Hospital debacle

Cllr. Eilis Ryan, Workers’ Party Councillor for the North Inner City, said: Discussions about triple locks and golden shares completely miss the point concerning the National Maternity Hospital debacle. There is simply no need for [...]