Workers’ Party to hold vigil on Cork’s St. Patrick’s Bridge to highlight homelessness

The Workers’ Party is to hold a vigil on Cork’s St. Patrick’s bridge next Sunday evening (15th October) to highlight the growing level of homelessness both locally and nationally and in protest at what the [...]

Budget: Home Building Finance Ireland is just a cash cow for developers

€750m fund for property developers means state would bear almost entire risk of new, for-profit developments The Workers' Party has said that the €750 million Home Building Finance Ireland (HBFI) initiative announced yesterday by the [...]

Budget: public services set for five year real-term cuts

The Workers' Party has said that the government's budget projections prove its intention to continue cutting public service, even as the economy grows. Cllr. Éilis Ryan (Workers' Party, North Inner City) said: "The government's Fiscal [...]

Budget fails to target most vulnerable yet bankrolls developers again

Cllr. Ted Tynan The Workers’ Party have said described today’s budget as a charter for standing still which gives a miserly increase for social welfare while offering no realistic hope for those on [...]

“Professional co-living” proposed by Minister for Housing costs €900/month in London

Cllr. Éilis Ryan The Workers' Party has criticised government plans to incentivise the development purpose-built "shared living" rental accommodation for young professionals, as announced today (Friday) by Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy. Responding to [...]

ECJ referral proves Apple appeal is a waste of money: Workers’ Party

The Workers’ Party has slammed the government for risking even more costs to the state, by failing to adhere to a directive from the European Commission that it return state aid given to Apple in [...]

NAMA lending proposals slammed as a costly wasted opportunity

The Workers’ Party reacted angrily today to proposals from government that NAMA begin lending to commercial developers. Responding to reports today (Tuesday), Cllr. Éilis Ryan of the Workers’ Party said: “European interest rates are so [...]

Latest Ryanair cancellations lead to calls to to re-nationalise Aer Lingus

There have been calls this morning for the government to initiate a process of nationalising Aer Lingus, in the wake of the latest spate of cancellations of Ryanair flights. Cllr. Éilis Ryan (Workers’ Party, Dublin) [...]

Workers’ Party: Housing crisis is driving graduate flight

The Workers’ Party have this morning (Friday) said that tackling the housing crisis is the only way to reverse increased graduate emigration. Dublin Northwest spokesperson Gavin Mendel-Gleason (Workers’ Party), was reacting to figures released yesterday [...]

Calls for establishment of a new state company to capitalise on Artificial Intelligence industry growth

The Workers’ Party have called for the state to establish a for-profit public enterprise specialising in research and development in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector. The Party were responding to a figures published by TechIreland [...]

Bishop’s vaccine comments show why healthcare must be removed from church hands

Remarks made by the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, Phonsie Cullinan, in relation to the HPV vaccine, show the urgency of removing healthcare from church hands entirely, according to the Workers’ Party. Gavin Mendel-Gleason, Workers’ [...]

Workers’ Party send solidarity to DKP ahead of German elections

DKP Election poster with slogan 1. Peace, 2. Work, 3. Solidarity The Workers' Party of Ireland has sent a message of warm fraternal greetings and solidarity to the Communist Party of Germany (Deutsche [...]

Workers’ Party brand Construction Industry Federation (CIF) calls to scrap apartment parking spaces as absurd

Workers’ Party representative for Dublin North West Gavin Mendel-Gleason was responding to claims by CIF Director General Tom Parlon that parking spaces in apartment complexes could cost developers up to €100,000 each to build - [...]

Sky high prices of Dublin 7 new builds should be a warning against private building on public land

Cllr. Éilis Ryan Workers’ Party Cllr. Éilis Ryan has issued a warning to Dublin City Council to take heed of the prices being charged for newly built two-bedroom houses in the neighbourhood of [...]

1976-1977 Commemoration

The following oration was delivered by Austin Kelly, North Belfast branch, on Sunday 3rd September at the Workers' Party Commemoration at Milltown Cemetery for our members and supporters who lost their lives in 1976 and [...]

Dept of Social Protection rebrand slammed as “an expensive frivolity” by Workers’ Party

Cllr. Ted Tynan The Workers’ Party has reacted sharply to the news that the Department of Social Protection is to get yet another name change and rebrand with a party councillor describing the [...]

Withholding of woman’s pension over lack of Public Service Cards reprehensible say WP

Cllr. Ted Tynan (WP) The Workers’ Party have said that the withholding of a 70 year old woman’s State Pension for more than 18 months because she refuses to register for a Public [...]

Workers Party condemns attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils and sends message to Spanish Communists

The Workers’ Party of Ireland condemns the murderous attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils which has caused 14 deaths and caused injuries to dozens of people and which has been claimed by ISIS/Daesh. The Workers’ Party [...]


WORKERS PARTY OF IRELAND STATEMENT ON THE CURRENT SITUATION ON THE KOREAN PENINSULA   US and South Korean forces practice invasion of DPRK in annual exercises involving more than half a million troops [...]

Public housing construction needed to resolve housing crisis

The Workers’ Party have said that only the construction of large amounts of public housing, directly built using a state housing corporation, will resolve the current housing crisis. Workers’ Party Dublin North West representative Gavin [...]

Cllr. Ted Tynan criticises removal of stall from historic Coal Quay market

Cornmarket Street Market (The Coal Quay) - gap left by stall removed following complaint from owners of "super pub" Cork Workers’ Party Councillor Ted Tynan has strongly criticised the City Council’s removal of [...]

The Workers’ Party to protest US interference in Venezuela

US interference in Venezuelan elections and threats of intervention and sanctions unacceptable according to The Workers' Party. The Workers' Party have warned that the United States is embarking on dangerous and destabilising actions in Venezuela. [...]

Ryan says awarding of 10% of Dublin bus routes to private operator a recipe for disaster

Cllr. Éilis Ryan The Workers’ Party have condemned the decision to award a licence to a private operator, UK bus company “Go Ahead” to take over 10% of Dublin’s bus routes, saying the [...]

Workers’ Party criticises media coverage of Venezuelan elections

The Irish media have today come under attack for what has been termed "dishonest, biased and unprofessional reporting" of the past days' elections in Venezuela. Gavin Mendel-Gleason, Workers' Party representative for Dublin North West, said: [...]

Workers Party of Ireland Statement on Palestinian Prisoners

Workers Party of Ireland Statement on Palestinian Prisoners The Workers Party of Ireland restates its solidarity with the Palestinian people and with Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails. Since the beginning of the occupation, about 950,000 [...]

Workers Party of Ireland statement on Palestine

Workers’ Party of Ireland statement on Palestine Palestine The Workers Party has a long history of support for and solidarity with the Palestinian people and our Party was very actively involved, for example, in the [...]

Comrade Malachy McGurran remembered on anniversary

Malachy McGurran   1938-1978   Malachy McGurran Remembering our comrade and  friend Malachy McGurran. Vice President SF Workers Party: Councillor Craigavon Borough Council: Member Executive Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association who died on 27th July [...]

Workers’ Party slams government slush fund for Apple escrow fund managers

The government's planned "escrow" holding account for tax owed to it by Apple has come under severe attack today (Tuesday), as a "slush fund for investment managers." The Workers' Party was responding to reports that [...]

One in five Dublin AirBnB rentals owned by multi-property landlords – Workers’ Party

Workers' Party Dublin City Councillor Éilis Ryan has slammed the city council's continued failure to deal with what she termed the 'AirBnB catastrophe' taking over Dublin's housing market. The councillor was highlighting figures available on [...]

Established four years ago this week, Irish Water is a complete failure as Meath / Louth crisis continues

The Workers’ Party has described the Louth / Meath area water crisis as “a national disaster” and the party has called for local authority resources from other counties to be brought in to assist in [...]

Council slammed for conducting “megaphone politics” with latest housing privatisation scheme

A Dublin City Councillor has reacted angrily to leaks from the city council's senior management that future regeneration of the city's housing stock would involve public-private partnerships, and a diluted percentage of public housing units. [...]

Shell sale: Corrib gas site now wholly owned by state companies – from Norway and Canada

The Workers' Party have slammed the government's continued refusal to take up a stake in Ireland's oil and gas fields, in the wake of Shell's sale to the Canadian state pension fund. Speaking on the [...]

Summer Economic Statement: Stark contrast between so-called economic growth and growth in homelessness

The Workers' Party have condemned the "extraordinary delusion" of the government's Summer Economic Statement, which forecasts strong economic growth while ignoring predictions that homelessness will grow. Cllr. Éilis Ryan (Workers' Party, North Inner City Dublin), [...]

The Workers’ Party welcomes Citizens’ Assembly finding on mandatory pension scheme

Workers’ Party’s representative Gavin Mendel-Gleason has welcomed the finding of the Citizens’ Assembly that a mandatory pension scheme should be introduced. Responding to the developments, Gavin Mendel-Gleason said: A mandatory pension contribution scheme would ensure [...]

Ryan slams appointment of CIF President to chair NI City Taskforce

WP councillor to boycott meeting citing chair's conflict of interest Cllr. Éilis Ryan Cllr. Éilis Ryan (Workers' Party, North Inner City Dublin) has stated she will not be engaging with the recently-appointed chairperson of [...]

Murphy’s hint at return of bedsits exposes government’s sticking plaster housing strategy

The Workers’ Party has criticised suggestions by Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy that the return of bedsits may be part of the government’s revised housing strategy. Dublin Workers’ Party Councillor and prominent housing activist, Éilis Ryan, [...]

Tudeh Party of Iran condemn Trump agenda in Persian Gulf & Middle East

A message from our Tudeh Party of Iran comrades The adventurist policies of the United States and the regional reaction are serious threats to the national sovereignty of Iran and the struggle of the patriotic [...]

Workers’ Party welcome Jobstown ‘Not Guilty’ result, raise questions over role of gardaí

The Workers’ Party has welcomed today’s (Thursday) unanimous ‘Not Guilty’ verdict in the case of the six men charged with the alleged false imprisonment of former Labour Party Tánaiste Joan Burton. Workers’ Party representative Seamus [...]

Calls for public bin service in wake of latest Pay-By-Weight fiasco

There have been calls today (Wednesday) for local authorities to resume public bin collection services, in the wake of the latest developments in the government’s efforts to introduce mandatory ‘pay-by-weight’ rubbish collection nationwide. Gavin Mendel-Gleason, [...]

Labelling children as “minorities” will worsen segregation

The Workers' Party have slammed a proposal from Minister for Education Richard Bruton to protect the right of schools of "minority faiths" to discriminate in their admissions policies. Speaking on the matter, Workers' Party councillor [...]