The Workers’ Party have described the proposals of the so-called expert commission on water charges as a back door to future reintroduction of a full charging system.

Seamus McDonagh

WP Meath representative Seamus McDonagh


Workers’ Party spokesperson Seamus McDonagh described the proposals as unworkable.   “As long as metering is in place the mechanism for charges will stand.  All it would require is the stroke of a ministerial pen.  This proposal is a smokescreen for full retention of the charging system and the white elephant that is Irish Water.”.

“Only the full abolition of Irish Water Ltd and the water charges is acceptable to opponents of water charges including the Workers’ Party.  We have seen how water charges were abolished in 1997 only to be re-introduced in the last few years. The only way to prevent this happening is to put a stake through the heart of Irish Water, scrap water charges permanently and end the roll out of the costly water metering programme”, said Mr. McDonagh.

The Meath based Workers’ Party representative said that while the party is in favour of a referendum to keep ownership of the water infrastructure in public ownership it would not go far enough if it allowed for private operators to service that system.  “Public ownership should also mean an entirely publicly owned and operated distribution system.  Anything less would mean privatisation of water through the back door and would inevitably put pressure on for water charges to finance the costly services of private operators.”