Cllr. Eilis Ryan, Workers’ Party Councillor for the North Inner City, said:

Discussions about triple locks and golden shares completely miss the point concerning the National Maternity Hospital debacle. There is simply no need for all these mental contortions. A hospital facility built with public funds which is established as a national institution should simply be under the democratic control of the State.

Cllr. Ryan stated:

It is time to cut out the middle men and women in the provision of healthcare in our so-called republic, the incoming board of the National Maternity Hospital should be simply appointed through a transparent public process which assures those with the best medical, organisational and financial qualifications are appointed to run it.

Cllr. Ryan concluded:

A backroom deal has been done concerning the operation of the National Maternity Hospital. This deal must go. Claims that this might produce a slight delay are an eventuality worth risking if the development of the new National Maternity Hospital marks a watershed in health provision where accountability, efficiency and best medical practice is at last placed above the concerns of interests groups.


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