Warning comes amid fears that Greyhound may withdraw from North Inner City

Time to bring bin services back under public control, says WP Dublin Central candidate

Dublin Central Workers’ Party Councillor Éilis Ryan today (Thursday 11 February) warned that large swathes of the capital’s Inner City may be left out in what she termed “the market cold” if private waste disposal operators withdraw from areas they consider difficult or unprofitable.

Commenting on fears that Greyhound may withdraw from areas which they consider difficult or insufficiently lucrative, Cllr Ryan said the time has come to bring waste collection services back under public control.

“The privatisation of our bin services has been a social and environmental disaster.  Illegal dumping, often due to rising and unregulated bin charges, means that communities have to deal with mountains of waste.  This is not only unsightly: it also poses a significant public health risk.”

“Now, there are fears that operators such as Greyhound, the sole provider in many places, may withdraw from so-called ‘bag areas’ in the Inner City which they consider difficult and unprofitable.  Competition was supposed to improve services and provide ‘choice’ –  but services have deteriorated,  prices have risen and in many areas there is no choice.”

“The time has come to admit that privatisation of bin services has failed, and bring them back under public control.

“The gross cost would be around €375 million nationwide, and this would be partially offset by reduced demand for local authority street cleansing and inspection services.  There are various ways that the services could be delivered, such as a public enterprise company which would deliver both collection and re-cycling services.”

“If we continue relying on the market to deliver essential services, many communities may find themselves left out in the market cold”, Cllr Ryan concluded.