Dear Comrades,

The Workers Party of Ireland extends its solidarity to the Iraqi Communist Party and
condemns the vicious and cowardly attack on the headquarters of the district committee of
the Iraqi Communist Party in the city of Diwaniyah in southern Iraq. The WPI also condemns
the use of firearms on the university campus and the attempts to intimidate and terrorise
members of the ICP and others.
The WPI fully supports the right of the Iraqi Communist Party and its members to freely
express their political positions and to defend the legitimacy of the Party’s political work. As
a party which has experienced the tragic consequences of sectarianism and terrorism the
Workers Party of Ireland sends its solidarity and best wishes to the Iraqi Communist Party at
this time, recognising your consistent struggle to build a state for all citizens of Iraq, for a
country free from terrorism and sectarianism and for freedom, democracy, social progress
and socialism.
In solidarity,
Gerry Grainger
International Secretary
Central Executive Committee
Workers Party of Ireland