The Workers’ Party have strongly condemned last night’s decision by the British Government to reject a public inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane.

Speaking on the subject, Workers’ Party representative for North Belfast Chris Bailie said ‘It is clear that this decision has been taken to avoid uncovering the scale of British state collusion in murders in the North. The Finucane family have showed great tenacity in pushing for the truth and this decision will only add to their pain and their anger’.

He continued ‘The evidence relating to the murder of Pat Finucane points overwhelmingly to state collusion, in 2012 David Cameron even went so far as to issue an apology to the Finucane family. An apology that is ultimately hollow considering this latest decision. To grant the Finucane family a public inquiry the British Government are fully aware that this will lead to the opening of the flood gates regarding the crimes they have been responsible for either directly or indirectly.’

He concluded ‘We have seen how justice for the victims of Bloody Sunday have been obstructed at every turn and this latest decision is just a continuation of their refusal to provide the truth to people. We would call on the Irish Government to apply more than lip service in their support of the Finucane family and put pressure on the British Government to hold a public inquiry. There is no doubt that this is only the tip of the iceberg. The British Government must be held to account for their actions in colluding and enabling murders in the north of Ireland, and indeed around the world, over many years.’

‘The Workers’ Party send their solidarity to the Finucane family and all those campaigning for truth and justice against state violence.’