The European Parliament recently voted more than 4-1 in favour of a resolution reaffirming its faith in Juan Guaidó as the President of Venezuela and calling for an extension of sanctions targeting not just members of the Maduro government but also their families. 

The idea that the unelected Guaidó can be regarded as the legitimate President makes a complete mockery of the concept of democracy.
Guaidó’s supposed position as President is simply by appointment to the role by the US, UK and EU, all of whom clearly see their role as the colonial sovereigns over the Venezuelan people who should not be allowed to choose their own fate. 

The pretence used by those calling for sanctions is a defence of human rights, noting the internal crisis in Venezuela. Never is it mentioned, however, that Venezuela’s crisis is largely due to foreign powers such as the US, EU and UK in the first place. First they poison the patient, then they claim that more poison must be administered as the patient is sick. 

The Workers’ Party condemns the EU’s role in attempting to legitimise Juan Guaidó who is guilty of stealing the assets of the Venezuelan people and conspiring in several coup attempts to subvert the democratic will of the Venezuelan people. Ireland should not be complicit in assisting the EU or the US in its imperialist adventures. 

The resolution passed by the EU calls for the ICC to investigate “crimes against humanity”. The Workers’ Party believe that the ICC should therefore look into those EU officials who are supporting sanctions against Venezuela and who are giving assistance to the un-elected Juan Guaidó who has repeatedly collaborated in coup-attempts, has stolen state funds, and has thereby impoverished the Venezuelan people.

We offer our full solidarity to President Maduro and his government, and to the Venezuelan people.

Gavin Mendel-Gleason, International Secretary, The Workers’ Party of Ireland.