The Workers’ Party have strongly condemned the recent act of vandalism on St James Community Farm.

A spokesperson said ‘St James Community Farm is supported by families in the community. It homes goats and sheep which local children have fed and helped look after.

’‘The farm was first set up in an attempt to combat anti social behaviour and this act of vandalism is nothing more than another attack on our community by people who wish to cause chaos and have no respect for our community.’ ‘There have been reports of groups of individuals drinking near the farm. These people have no place in our community with such actions. To terrify the animals, smash windows and break locks is a callous act. The farm already struggles to find funds to pay for the upkeep of the farm without having the extra expense of paying for repairs.’ ‘We must double our efforts to ensure it is made clear that this behaviour is not acceptable or welcome and ensure that the Farm has the support it needs to keep going.’