The lack of support given in Budget 2022 to those on low to middle incomes in the rental sector is stark and deeply concerning, according to Cathie Shiels, Workers’ Party representative Ballymun-Finglas.

Shiels said:
“The pandemic has increased the number of workers unable to afford their homes in the rental sector. Coupled with rising rents, we are going to see massive amounts of people in danger of losing their homes. This budget does absolutely nothing for workers in the rented sector. In fact, it expands relief for landlords with Housing Assistance Payment tenancies extended for another three years.”

“Rents will continue to rise and rise, waiting lists will grow and the number of people in housing stress will increase. The fact that the minimum wage was only increased by 30c is in no way going to help workers afford the spiralling cost of private rent. This is not to mention the fact most homes are in no way energy efficient, adding an extra financial burden on low paid workers.”

“There must be a freeze on rents in the private sector, a deposit protection scheme in place and a real commitment from the government to build public housing.”