Palmerstown needs an overpass to deal with its traffic problem and future developments, according to Workers’ Party representative David Gardiner.

He said:

“As anybody living here can tell you, traffic is a major problem in the area. This is only going to get worse as work begins on 250 apartments, as well as a 53-bedroom boutique hotel, in Palmerstown Village.”

“These projects were both approved without the proper infrastructure to go along with them, meaning landlords and developers will make their money while the community is left to suffer the consequences.”

“Given the already-existing traffic problem in the area, coupled with the developments planned for the near future, we need an overpass going over the bypass, connecting the village with the rest of Palmerstown via the Kennelsfort Road.”

“It’s time that we see some serious investment in Palmerstown’s infrastructure that will benefit ordinary working people and our community, not just the developers looking to make money out of our area.”