Meath Workers’ Party representative Seamus McDonagh has said that the collapse of the Carillion consortium not only poses a threat to the completion of schools in Kells, Wicklow, Carlow and Wexford but has left many workers without pay or assurances as to their future.

Kells based Mr. McDonagh said that the collapse of Carillion and its knock-on effect in Ireland has shockingly demonstrated the folly of so-called Public Private Partnerships.  The collapse of this company had caused chaos in Britain where the company and its subsidiary “Inspired Spaces” built and continues to operate hundreds of schools, hospitals and other facilities previously provided by state bodies.

Mr. McDonagh said:  “The building of schools and other key facilities should never have been awarded under Public Private Partnerships.  By doing so the Department of Education has absolved itself of its responsibilities and created the conditions for the domino effect that is now causing deep concern for workers, parents and communities”

“The fact that a private subsidiary of Carillion, Inspired Spaces plc, was to continue having a role in such schools for many years to come is a disgrace.  It proves that the Public Private Partnership model is deeply flawed and is totally unsuitable and unreliable for public projects”

The Workers’ Party spokesman said that not only were Carillion cashing in on education, an area that should be ring-fenced against profiteering, but the company has a very deplorable record as an employer with a history of blacklisting trade unionists and other anti-worker practices.

“There is an urgent onus on the government to now get the finger out and ensure that these schools are completed on time, are taken back fully under the wings of the Department of Education and that the workers involved including self-employed workers are not left out of pocket.