Plans for 1,600 build-to-rent apartments on Clonliffe Road in Drumcondra only serve to benefit private landlords and developers at the expense of renters and the community, according to Claire O’Connor, Workers’ Party representative for Dublin Central.

O’Connor said:
“In line with the Dublin rental market, these houses on the old Holy Cross site are going to be unaffordable. Any claims that housing like this will somehow alleviate the housing crisis is laughable. If anything, this will make it worse.”

“These units are not being built to add to a community, they’re being built to make as much money as possible for private landlords and developers. As much as 70% of them will be one-bedroom and studio apartments. It’s clearly a cash-grab by private interests.”

“The Workers’ Party believes in a system of mixed-income, universally-accessible public housing. Vulture landlords and American property developers simply can’t be trusted to provide sustainable communities for working people.”