There has been much backwards and forwards about the Eleventh night bonfires particularly the one located in the Tigers Bay Area of North Belfast. Which is a source of escalating tensions among residents in the New Lodge and the fact the bonfire has been built too close to the interface.

Chris Bailie, Workers’ Party Oldpark DEA said

“This is a direct safety risk not only because of the missiles that have already been thrown but also because it is most definitely going to cause more tension and result in anti-social behaviour.”

“While we fully support everyone’s right to celebrate their culture these bonfires serve only to further divide our communities and fuel more hate and bigotry. Culture cannot be used as an excuse to attack or intimidate other working class people. In addition to this political leaders outside of the area have not helped by stoking the flames of division and increasing tension.”

“We are calling on all community groups to work together to find a solution to this issue immediately. It is also high time for Unionist politicians to show leadership in condemning anti-social behaviour and blatant sectarianism.”