The European Union have voted to extend sanctions against Venezuela for another year beginning today, 13 November. The European Union are once again slavishly following the aggressive US foreign policy to force regime change and in the process cause misery for the civilian population. The European Union have cited ‘human rights violations, undermining of democracy and the rule of law under President Nicolas Maduro’. Ironically, the EU turn a blind eye to the countless human rights violations committed by Israel and the United States on an almost daily basis. The block has an embargo on the sale of arms, a travel ban, and an asset freeze on 18 Venezuelan officials. The EU has continued and deepened its intimidation against the constitutional government of President Nicolas Maduro since 2017 despite the fact it is clear the majority of Venezuelans support Maduro and his government. It has been reported that during this time 40,000 civilians have died because of these sanctions. Of course, this behaviour is not isolated to Venezuela, we have seen it across the globe. Particularly against Cuba. As part of the EU, Ireland has remained slavishly quiet. As a nation who suffered so long at the hands of imperialism, we should be using our place in Europe to argue for respect for the democratically elected government in Venezuela. In the words of Oscar López Rivera, Puerto Rican revolutionary, incarcerated by the US for 36 years. “We cannot allow the US government to continue with this practice of wanting to dominate and control”