United States Embassy

42 Elgin Rd, Ballsbridge,

Dublin 4

United States Consulate

Danesfort House,

223 Stranmillis Road,

Belfast BT9 5GR

The Workers’ Party of Ireland

8 New Cabra Road, Dublin 1

Mr. President,

We in the Workers’ Party of Ireland request that you pardon Julian Assange.

Julian Assange has been imprisoned for the past ten years for nothing more than the courage to publish factual and true information relating to government transgression throughout the world.

Several independent medical doctors who have visited him in prison have attested to the fact his health has very seriously deteriorated to the point now where his life is in jeopardy.

Julian Assange is not and has never been an enemy of the American people or the people of any country. He and his organisation, WikiLeaks, have consistently and stalwartly fought against secrets, lies and corruption worldwide. Their only ‘crime’, to have acted in the interest of the public and humanity as a whole. Julian Assange has never published false information. Any harm to reputations of persons or governments has not come about by his or his organisations actions but by the actions and misconduct exposed by him of said persons themselves.

Julian Assange has never stolen information but only obtained information that was accurate and genuine from sources the same way any other serious investigative journalist would. This is not a crime nor can it be viewed in such a way.

The charges levied against Julian Assange are simply the actions of ‘shooting the messenger’ rather than addressing the very serious issues exposed by him in his reporting. This is not justice nor is it press freedom as laid out by the American Constitution or international rights law.

As President you have the opportunity to pardon Julian Assange and in so doing stand against government corruption and misconduct. An opportunity to free an innocent man who has suffered injustice, and persecution for many years simply for reporting the truth to the people of the world.

Finally Mr President, you have the opportunity to make a stand for truth and justice to humanity which are the very values that America purportedly stands for. It is for these reasons that we request that you pardon Julian Assange immediately. We appeal to you to use your power of pardon to put right the wrongs of a decade of persecution against this man and return him to his family.

We thank you for taking the time to consider our request.


Gavin Mendel-Gleason, Director of International Affairs on behalf of The Workers’ Party of Ireland