Workers’ Party Youth has accused the government of failing Leaving Cert students, urging them to make preparations for the possibility of a non-traditional Leaving Cert.

Eoghan Gardiner, Secretary of Workers’ Party Youth, said: “The plan to send Leaving Cert students into school is reckless. Rather than praying that students can sit their exams come June, the government should be preparing for the very real possibility that it won’t be possible.”

“This clearly isn’t their thinking. Taoiseach Micheál Martin said recently that the Leaving should be “conducted along traditional lines.”

“Many students are anxious about the situation. Even if it is deemed safe for students to physically sit their exams, many will likely have reservations about doing so during COVID for a multitude of reasons; underlying conditions, physical illness, general COVID-related anxiety.”

“Alternatives, such as optional predicted grades, should be offered to students should it be deemed safe that the exams go ahead at all. In addition, the government should be looking to address the concerns arising from the non-traditional Leaving Cert last year.”