The government measures to address the cost of living crisis goes nowhere near far enough to help workers according to David Gardiner, Workers’ Party Palmerstown-Fonthill. 

“The government seems to think that one-off temporary measures are enough with no intention of tackling the underlying causes. A one off payment of €200 towards electricity bills in no way addresses the spiraling energy prices from energy companies who continue to see huge profits.”

“While the extension of the fuel allowance is welcome, the criteria must be expanded. Reducing public transport costs is also welcome but this must be made a permanent measure and a move towards free public transport not only to address the cost of living crisis but also the climate crisis.” 

“The government must, at a very minimum, establish a maximum price for energy, freeze and reduce rents and address the issue of low pay beginning with an immediate increase to the minimum wage. Without this we will inevitably see more and more workers pushed further into poverty and reliance on food banks which is a shameful indictment on our government.”