Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Executive Committee of The Workers’ Party of Ireland, I wish to extend greetings to the 21st Congress of the Communist Party of Greece.

We note the three important theses promulgated by the KKE and consider each to be an essential component in developing a compressive and practical political orientation towards the problems faced by the working class movement.

Firstly, the current difficult situation faced by the international workers and communist movement cannot be separated from the achievements and failures of 20th century socialism. It is vital that every workers and communist party develop the analytical tools such that it can provide guidance and leadership for the working class movement, including
the realisation that a non-confrontational orientation towards the capitalist powers will never be reciprocated.

Secondly, as the international situation continues to slide into multi-lateral antagonism between the powerful states, it is increasingly possible that this process of capitalist decline will culminate in the mutual ruin of all. In this situation it is incumbent on the working class movement to lead the struggle for peace and, in particular, oppose the American led aggressive alliance of NATO. It is also vital to understand the dynamical situation given the opportunities that capitalist catastrophe may open up for the socialist-labour movement.

Thirdly, every workers and communist party is only as powerful as the roots it implants in its native society. In this, our own Party has not been successful since the catastrophic split following the fall of the USSR. The failure to rebuild and to make any meaningful impact since 1992 has taken its toll on the party and has required a rethink on our part — not on the fundamentals of Marxism, which remain the most sure guide to social action but in how to use Marxism to reconnect with the working class.

We welcome the KKE’s continuing relevance to the Greek working class and look forward to fraternal co-operation in extending the strength of our class in both our countries.

Yours in solidarity,
Gavin Mendel-Gleason
Director of International Department
The Workers’ Party of Ireland.