The admission by a White House spokesperson that the Biden government does not intend to lift restrictions against Cuba introduced by Trump is yet more proof that the current US regime is no different to the last in any way, not least in its inhumane pursuit of US imperialist aims at any cost.

Gavin Mendel-Gleason, Workers’ Party International Director said:

“Already, since Biden assumed power, the US has bombed Syria, continued to ramp up tensions with China, and continued its interference in states across Latin America. Now, it has signaled that it will continue to impose its appalling and unjustifiable restrictions on Cuba”.

He continued:

“The US Empire and in particular the Democratic Party wing of its ruling class are fond of uttering empty words around ‘’human rights’’ to justify their bloody imperialist ends. Yet, their imperialist blockade is the only violation of human rights taking place against the people of Cuba.  

“The Workers’ Party of Ireland wrote to Minister Simon Coveney last month requesting that the Irish government use their influence to help bring an end to US aggression against Cuba”.

He concluded:

“In light of the admission by the Biden government that they do not intend to lift the restrictions against Cuba, we reiterate that it is the duty of the Irish government to act and not to turn a blind eye to the attempted suffocation of Cuba by the US. The United Nations will debate the US sanctions regime in May. It is imperative that the Irish government be pressured into taking a strong, public stand against it and that they support the resolution calling for it to end”.