Irish Water has come in for fresh criticism, for failing to curtail the use of water for commercial purposes, as the country’s drought worsens.

Speaking on the matter, Cllr. Ted Tynan of the Workers’ Party said:
“Unfortunately, because of successive governments’ failure to invest in proper infrastructure for our public water service, we are faced with a water shortage. The dip in rainfall shouldn’t have nearly as drastic an effect as it is, if we had a modern, efficient system.

“But of course, as soon as water was no longer a way of squeezing a few extra pennies out of working people, Fine Gael lost interest in upgrading our water network.”

Cllr. Tynan continued:
“Because of that, we are now faced with water restrictions. And while we have to deal with the immediate shortage, it is the height of hypocrisy that yet again Irish Water have first targetted ordinary householders, whilst ignoring business.

“Under the relevant legislation, Irish Water have powers to restrict commercial water usage just as they have personal water usage, but they have explicitly decided not to do that.”

He concluded:
“Car washes, for example, use anywhere up to 150litres of water per wash. Introducing a temporary suspension of automatic car washes in garages would be a simple measure with minimal consequences. Why hasn’t it happened?

“I would like to see a breakdown of the biggest industrial users of water, and an immediate plan as to how they can contribute their fair share during the current shortage.”