The European Union is undemocratic and irreformable. On June 23 the Workers Party will be calling for a vote to Leave the EU in the forthcoming .

However, our position is not the same as the narrow right wing approach of the mainstream Brexit camapign. Ours is a principled socialist case for leaving the European Union. Our campaign is a  Left Vote to Leave – Lexit.

The European Union at present has 30 million unemployed and a similar number of under-employed. More than 127 million people are condemned to a life of poverty.

Two further examples demonstrate the EU’s reactionary and anti-working class agenda.

The EU and its institutions imposed the harshest discipline on those  members  states that sought debt relief in the wake of the 2008 capitalist crisis forcing an unrelenting austerity agenda on the working people and poor of Europe.

Recently we  witnessed closed borders and the inhumane treatment of thousands of refugees fleeing the effects of foreign intervention in their countries. Any pretence of a caring European Union has been exposed.

In the forthcoming  referendum, the US government, NATO, the multinational corporations, the banks and financial institutions, the IMF and World Bank, the rich and the powerful and the European bureaucracy are urging us to remain within the European Union. They do so because that is in their interests.

The Workers Party urges workers to vote in the interests of their class. For a principled, socialist Lexit – Vote Leave on 23 June

Public Meeting: The Workers Party will be holding a public meeting in support of the Lexit Campaign in the coming weeks. Details to follow

Read the Workers Party statement in full: 

LEXIT – the socialist case for voting Leave