Lorraine Hennessy (Workers’ Party) invites women to celebrate International Women’s Day, March 8th at Rowlagh Community Centre, Dublin 22.   From 7.30pm to 9.15pm.

“A day for celebrating – but how do women fare in Ireland 2017? From the cradle to the grave women are unequal and personal safety is a major concern” – Lorraine Hennessy.


Lorraine Hennessy (WP)

Lorraine Hennessy

Lorraine Hennessy and the Workers’ Party are hosting an International Women’s Day event on March 8th at Rowlagh Community Centre. Lorraine states, ‘Women are invited to come along and celebrate and air their views on issues that concern them and their community. As Ireland emerges from recession where women were at the receiving end of austerity measures hitting mothers struggling to raise children; hitting women workers whose wages and conditions were reduced and as Age Action recently pointed out hitting pensioners, the majority of them women, whose pensions are to be cut by €1,500 a year. A sad fact is that in spite of women’s contribution to both home and society far too many still fear for their personal safety. One in four Irish women experience physical violence but they are the least likely in Europe to seek support especially when suffering domestic abuse.’


‘All are welcome to come along and enjoy the evening,’ Lorraine concluded.


For further information contact

Lorraine Hennessy 085 1819580

Anne Finnegan, National Women’s Officer 087 9507076