The Workers’ Party sends greetings to all workers’ and their families on May Day, International Workers’ Day.

Workers have faced increasing uncertainty and hardships over the last year. The capitalist system has proven itself woefully ineffective and unwilling to protect the interests of the many over the few. We pay special tribute today to the Debenhams workers in this regard, who have been fighting for a just settlement from their employer in the form of their negotiated redundancies for over a year now.

Despite the failure of the government to effectively deal with COVID-19, working people have kept the world turning throughout this pandemic, while our communities have shown serious resilience against the virus. Our exit from the pandemic will no doubt bring with it the need to ensure that we redouble our efforts as we continue the fight for workers’ rights, for housing, for healthcare, for education.

We also reiterate our solidarity with the workers and oppressed peoples of all nations. We call for an end to the blockade on Cuba. We condemn the attempts of the imperialist United States to undermine and destroy the socialist development of countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia. We denounce the brutal treatment of the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli apartheid state and its U.S. protector. The various efforts by the U.S. to intervene in the affairs of other nations has led to unparalleled death and destruction for the populations of those same countries and not least for the working class.

On International Workers’ Day, we once again condemn capitalism and imperialism. We commit ourselves to the battle against exploitation and oppression and to the cause of international socialism and the working class.