Comrade Fathi Alfadl, member of the Political Bureau of the Sudanese Communist Party and its official spokesman, was released on 14th February 2019 after spending 5 weeks in detention following his arrest by the security forces of the dictatorial regime.

He has sent the following message from Khartoum, to all fraternal parties and friendly organizations and figures, expressing his gratitude for the international solidarity campaign, and calling for its intensification until all the political detainees, including members of the party’s Central Committee and cadres, are released from the dungeons of the regime.

Dear Comrades,

As the revolutionary mass movement of our people to topple the regime enters its third month, I am pleased to inform you that after my release from detention, on 14th April, I am continuing my activities within the Sudanese Communist Party and making my modest contribution to the people’s march towards final victory over the dictatorial regime. I avail myself of this opportunity to express, on behalf of the hundreds of political detainees, our deep thanks and gratitude for your solidarity actions which helped to strengthen our steadfastness during the period of detention.

Thanks to the continuing heroic struggle of our peoples, your solidarity and the actions of the families that some of us, the former detainees, are enjoying freedom and engaged again in the struggle.

Long live International Solidarity,

Freedom for Sudanese Political Detainees,

Victory for the people’s struggle.

Fathi Alfadl

Sudanese Communist Party