The Workers’ Party of Ireland sends its solidarity greetings to the Sudanese Communist Party, its members and supporters, in this dangerous time.

The ongoing clashes in Sudan appear to be a falling out amongst thieves rather an expression of any fundamental ideological differences. This does not, of course, lessen the impact on the killed and wounded. If anything, it makes them even more senseless.

Sudan is experiencing the transition to modernity that all countries must pass through, even if each journey has its unique characteristics. A common feature is the reluctance of old elites who rose to dominance in an era of a significantly different political-economy to facilitate the transition to a modern, democratic and secular state. As the economy develops, the patterns of the old social relations come under pressure, leading to reform or inevitable social unrest.

Countries as varied as Ireland, France, Russia, and China have experienced the trauma of transition. But if it is difficult for a country to move to a new basis, it is nonetheless inevitable. The aim should be to minimise the fighting and hurt that accompanies it.

This is the only way for Sudan to not only advance but to survive. The sangers of a prolonged civil war are real and could lead to the long-term fragmentation of the country, particularly as factions will be backed by external powers who do not have the interests of the Sudanese people at heart. The old elites will not hesitate to utilise the backing of these hostile powers.

For this reason, the Workers’ Party of Ireland echoes the call of the Sudanese Communist Party for the dissolution of all the militias, the creation of a real national army that is not a partisan creature of any one faction and for a definitive advance towards a democratic state with full liberty for organisations.

In solidarity,

James O’Brien

International Secretary

The Workers’ Party of Ireland

8 New Cabra Road