Workers’ Party representatives across the country have reacted angrily to the review of the National Transport Authority strategy stating that it delivers absolutely nothing for workers.

David Gardiner – Workers’ Party Palmerstown-Fonthill said: “The announcement that no metro lines are to be developed for either the south or west of Dublin is ludicrous.

In addition to this shelving of the Dart underground for at least 20 years, as it falls outside the 20 year programme, is incredibly short sighted and a complete disappointment considering it was first proposed in the 1970s. There is to be no construction on the routes Clongriffin, Balgriffin, Tyrellstown, Blanchardstown, Clondalkin, Tallaght/Kimmage, Tallaght/Knocklyon and UCD/ Sandyford until after 2042. What are people supposed to do in the meantime? The standard of our public transport is one of the lowest in Europe and this strategy is a total failure.”

Claire O’Connor – Workers’ Party Dublin Central said: “The Dart underground line was previously shelved due to the economic crash – and it has been shelved again today. Even the line to link Heuston Station to the Dart will not be built until post 2042.

While the strategy sets out proposals for improvements to busses, cycling and pedestrian infrastructures, which are welcome, it does not even begin to tackle the very serious problems facing many workers when commuting. All of these new lines were proposed back in 2001, but nothing has been delivered. Come 2042 only half of the original proposal will be delivered at double the cost, if we can even believe that.

The government have very recently committed to lowering emissions as part of COP26 yet this strategy goes nowhere to supporting that commitment, how are we going to encourage people to leave their cars behind when we have no public transport system in place to support them it’s just not feasible to expect everyone to cycle or walk.”

Seamus McDonagh Workers Party Meath said: “Not only has the cost of the strategy doubled from €10.3 billion to €25 billion it is set to deliver literally nothing for 10 to 20 years. Luas lines to Finglas, Lucan, Poolbeg and Bray as well as the Metro and Navan rail lines will not be delivered until 2031. How is this acceptable? What are workers supposed to do?.

These delays are a result of workers bailing out the bankers and once again workers are suffering, particularly those who have been priced out of Dublin and now face a long commute to work with no adequate public transport system to support them.”

Cathie Shiels – Workers’ Party Ballymun-Finglas said: “The metroline line from Swords and Dublin Airport into the city was due to seek planning permission next year with a view to extending the line south/south west yet the 2022-42 strategy released today has decided that these areas should instead have a new Luas line yet these will not be in operation until after 2031.

The strategy delivers absolutely nothing for workers who need to travel around or into the city for work and we continue to fall further behind with an effective public transport system for our population. Because of this it fails on an environmental level as well. The whole strategy is a disaster.”