A new candidate has been chosen by the Workers’ Party to contest the extended Cork City North West ward in May’s local elections.

Catherine Coffey

Catherine Coffey

Catherine Coffey , a high profile volunteer worker and community activist, was  selected by the party at a convention in the constituency last week.

Following her selection Catherine Coffey said “At present Cork City Council is failing the majority of citizens of this city and particularly those who live on the Northside of the city. There are far too many right wing and conservative politicians who are not prepared to challenge the gross inequality and a management system more interested in promoting big business instead of providing services to working class people. As a socialist I intend to challenge this status quo”.

“There are many voices raising issues of homelessness and housing but most of them offer only the same failed ideas based on throwing money to landlords and speculators.  The Workers’ Party believe the solution is for the state and the City Council to build public housing on public land, which it would then rent out to tenants at a genuinely affordable rent.  We also want to see council services like housing maintenance, public lighting and all the other vital services restored to their former level and properly funded”

Catherine is originally from Co. Kerry and comes from the Travelling Community.  Since moving to Cork ten years ago, she has been active in a broad range of issues including the campaign against water charges the right to housing and opposition to evictions.

A survivor of industrial abuse Catherine is very aware of the hardships that can face people from all walks of life. Her involvement in voluntary work with families in need has given her insight to what is needed and what services need to be invested in and made stronger so as everyone is given an equal chance.

Catherine said, “If elected, I commit myself to making sure the voices of the forgotten and undervalued are heard and that no false promises will be made. Transparency will be at the forefront of everything I do”