The recent comments from Marc Collins, DUP councillor for Mid and East Antrim are nothing more than racist dog whistling says Chris Bailie:Workers Party,Oldpark DEA:

“Mr Collins is very quick to say that his comments are not racist and merely have the interests of working class families at heart but this is blatantly untrue. The comments are designed to foster division and resentment among the local community and those seeking asylum.”

“There is no doubt that many working class families are in dire need of help, currently being forced into using food banks and barely managing to survive. The DUP have done very little if anything to address the problem of housing, poverty, hospital waiting lists and this is just another attempt to deflect from their failure to deliver a fair and equal society for all.”

“Asylum seekers are fleeing their countries because of impossible circumstances and they should be welcomed not subjected to abuse and innuendo. If the DUP were sincere about tackling the real issues that plague the working class they would be investing in things like social housing, a liveable wage, tackling poverty and unemployment not attacking those who are just as badly off.”