Last year saw an increase in sectarian attacks and there is no doubt that this year will see another rise.

Chris Bailie:Workers Party,Oldpark DEA said:

“Recently we have seen an attack on a 12 year old boy by five others and another attack on a mother of two who’s windows were broken in the house she was due to move into. This behaviour is not acceptable and not welcome in our communities.”

“Sectarianism never went away it was simply swept under the rug. Neither Sinn Féin or the DUP have made any real effort to tackle the issue. They don’t talk about it. So long as sectarianism remains embedded in the political structures and institutions of Northern Ireland so too will sectarian divisions continue to blight communities through unequal access to housing and segregated education. They are content to keep communities separated, through housing and education, because it suits their purpose of power sharing.”

“Whether it be through cries for a border poll without any discussion on what a United Ireland would look like for the working class or building up hysteria over the protocol, there is absolutely no working class content to the politics of the sectarian consensus. The sectarian division which characterises the essential nature of the political institutions of the North masks the essential division in Northern Irish society which is not that of race or religion but rather of Class. The real division in our society is between capitalism and its sectarian political structures and working class unity, secularism and Socialism. The Workers’ Party remain committed to building a United working class for peace, democracy, socialism and class politics.”