Chris Matlhako dedicated his life to the struggle for liberation, both for his county and in the fight against western imperialism. His unstinting dedication to the achievement of socialism was long recognised by his comrades in the SACP where he served as Deputy 2nd General Secretary, member of its Political Bureau and the Central Committee.

Chris always recognised the international dimension of the struggle against capitalism and imperialism. The latter saw him become a leading figure in the Cuba Solidarity, and World Peace Movement where, just five months ago in November 2022, he was reelected as one of its Secretariat members of the World Peace Council at the 22nd Assembly of the WPC in Hanoi.

Chris combined an activist’s experience with the awareness developed out of aknowledge and appreciation of Marxism, not least in its critique of modern imperialism.

At a time when American hegemony is beginning to feel the first tentative blows from the BRICS countries against its global domination, the need for activist intellectuals is more acute than ever. In this we can take heart from the example of Chris’ life and struggle and play our part in continuing the struggle for socialism, a society based on solidarity and cooperation.

On behalf of the Central Executive Committee of The Workers’ Party of Ireland:

James O’Brien, International Secretary

Padraig Mannion, International Committee