The Workers’ Party has accused the government of relying too heavily on the quick and flawless distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine. This comes following production issues which will see Ireland receive only half of the vaccines initially expected.

Cathie Shiels – Workers’ Party Ballymun-Finglas said:”The HSE being set to receive only 300,000 vaccines is a very serious concern. We have known for some time that we cannot rely solely on vaccinations, and that problems like these arising were always a possibility.”

“Once again, we are seeing how the capitalist system is failing workers. Not only is the production and the approval of the vaccine far from competent, but the refusal of our government to adopt a zero Covid strategy continues to put us all at risk for the foreseeable future.”

“The HSE have also reported that 22 vials of the vaccine delivered to a nursing home in the Midlands Louth/Meath Community Healthcare Organisation have had to be thrown away due to incorrect storage. These vials contained around six doses each which was enough to provide 132 people with their first and second vaccine. “

“The European Medicines Agency, which is due to meet on Friday when it will decide on the approval of the vaccine for EU member states, has stated that it is possible that approval of the vaccine could now exclude some older age groups. This is due to the fact that trials were only carried out on a small number of the older population.”

“If the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is not approved for these older age groups, it will result in yet another serious set back for the government in its rollout of the vaccine.”

“The government should be taking all of this into account and take all precautions to ensure that we combat this virus effectively. In practice, this means pursuing a Zero Covid Strategy.”