A recent report has stated that Germany has guaranteed Israel inclusion in the EU Covid-19 vaccination deal. The commitment was made by both the German Foreign Minister and Health Minster to the Israeli Foreign Minster in what has been coined a ‘continuation of the country’s special relationship’. It is believed that Germany pushed for Israel to be one of the EU countries to have access to the vaccine. It will come as no surprise that Palestine is not included in this list of countries.

Recent reports have shown us that the pandemic in Palestine has reached ‘catastrophic’ levels. Gaza is already crippled with a lack of medical equipment after decades of Israeli oppression and they are without the vital equipment needed to tackle the crisis. Countless pleas by Palestinian doctors have been ignored by the majority of the international community and this latest Berlin-Tel Aviv deal only goes to prove beyond any doubt that the lives of Palestinians are not important to the EU member states.

Germany has on many occasions offered help to Israel out of some perverse and misguided guilt for World War II and in so doing they are willing enablers of the brutal regime imposed on innocent Palestinians by Zionist Israel.

An Israeli diplomat was recently quoted as saying: “Germany sees Israel as part of Europe in terms of procuring the vaccine and therefore it will be permitted to convey the vaccine for use in Israel when it is approved.”

More than 80 percent of Covid-19 vaccines have already been bought by richer countries including the United States, UK and the combined European Union. These countries have already pre-ordered the majority of the first supply. This undoubtedly leaves poorer countries at a disadvantage and they may have to wait years for a vaccine to reach them. Considering it has been proved beyond doubt that Covid is affecting the poor and disadvantaged on a far greater scale across the globe this is yet another injustice and inequality that is left unchallenged. The Workers’ Party call for WHO and the UN to immediately propose steps for a fair distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine must be placed in the hands of governments and/or the UN to ensure that profit is not the driving factor for distribution.