A plan from private developers to build 250 built to rent apartments on Palmerstown’s Vincent Byrne site has been described as a “cash grab at the expense of renters and the community” by local Workers’ Party representative David Gardiner.

“When such large-scale developments like this are planned, it’s absolutely essential that there are enough amenities in place to facilitate the community. This simply is not the case in Palmerstown.“

“New apartments should be built as part of a wider plan including infrastructure, libraries and amenities for Palmerstown, and these should be delivered before the residential development. This is the norm in many European countries.”

“The rental market in Dublin is extortionate and Palmerstown is no exception to this. This plan is just another cash grab by developers and landlords at the expense of renters and the community. We stand against this development not only for our own sake, but to show that high-cost housing with a lack of facilities in the area is no way to solve the housing crisis.”

“The private market clearly cannot solve the housing crisis, that’s what got us into it in the first place. Instead of approving developments such as this, the state needs to step in and build publicly-owned and universally accessible housing on it’s own land.”