Prospect Hill apartments must remain in public hands, according to Cathie Shiels, Workers’ Party representative for Ballymun-Finglas.

Shiels said:
“That NAMA is going to sell Finglas apartments into the private market is bad enough, but what’s worse is that these apartments will likely be sold to a single investment fund which can increase rents in almost 10% of the entire development, raising the prospect of further rent increases for everyone else in the area.”

“In an area where transport links are good and with a nearby community garden and park facilities, these homes will be easily rented out but will only make more profit for vulture funds, not the people of Dublin.”

“NAMA should work alongside Dublin City Council and local approved housing bodies to bring these homes into social use over a long period, building sustainable communities in a viable location of South Finglas.”

“There is nothing stopping the council from purchasing these at a discounted price from the Agency and making them cost rental apartments for the people of Finglas, she added.”