Residents at Kinnaird Close, North Belfast contacted the Workers’ Party via our online advice centre regarding a very serious health and safety risk relating to overflowing bins and unsanitary conditions. To investigate the issue further Chris Bailie:Workers Party,Oldpark DEA, went to speak to some residents.

Bailie said:“There are several very serious issues that are currently causing grave concerns for residents at Kinnaird Close and require immediate action. There are 34 flats in Kinnaird Close and only 13 bins available to residents. Even during normal times this ratio would be unacceptable but during lockdown it is ludicrous.”

He continued:“The current unsanitary conditions are a very serious health and safety concern. Several newspapers have recently reported on the growing issue of rodents in residential areas due to excess waste and Kinnaird Close is currently at serious risk of infestation. In addition to this there is currently an area around the electric box used for anti-social behaviour by non-residents which is increasing the waste problem.”

“We have written to Radius Housing and Belfast City Council requesting that immediate action is taken to rectify the unsanitary conditions residents are living under. We have requested that;·

A bin for each resident is provided, or the equivalent for 34 flats in large communal bins.·

There is an immediate clean up of the area.·

The area around the electric box is closed off to prevent any anti-social behaviour in the future.·

Finally, that there is a commitment to regular cleaning and monitoring of the close to ensure that there is not a repeat of these circumstances.

He concluded: “The residents of Kinnaird Close deserve to live in a clean and safe environment and we hope that Radius Housing and Belfast City Council will work together along with residents to ensure that these issues are corrected immediately. The Workers’ Party will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that Radius Housing and Belfast City Council fulfil their duties and responsibilities for residents.”