The recent debacle regarding the decision to extend or end the current Covid restrictions in Northern Ireland has highlighted the fact that sectarian obstruction methods are still very much at play. Conor Campbell, Workers Party representative for West Belfast said ‘Despite the fact the DUP are insistent the reason they are blocking the extension of the restrictions on the hospitality industry is due to their commitment to getting people back to work. The reality is they have no intention of ensuring the essential financial provision is in place to support workers and small businesses through an extended lockdown. Therefore, ignoring medical and scientific advice is their only option’. He continued ‘Not only is it distasteful for the DUP to pretend to have the welfare of workers at heart, citing concerns around poverty. When only a few weeks ago they voted against children, already living in poverty, having access to free school meals. We now see the use of a sectarian mechanism against a minster of the same community and shows the issue of public health is not one of community difference in Northern Ireland’. He concluded ‘This is nothing more than a belligerent refusal of the DUP to heed scientific advice. A power trip from a party who wasted their moment in the sun at Westminster.’