The Workers Party of Ireland unreservedly condemns the military coup in Bolivia and the ouster of the democratically elected President, Evo Morales, with the connivance and support of US imperialism and its proxies in the region. These actions are part of a strategy by imperialism across Latin America to reverse the gains and achievements of the poor, the working class and indigenous peoples and to restore the power of the capitalist class and to use the wealth created by workers for their own benefit.

This coup, which is a violation of Bolivian sovereignty and democracy, represents capitalism’s response to progressive measures secured on behalf of the people, similar to the unsuccessful US backed coup attempt in Venezuela.

Under President Morales, Bolivia nationalised the country’s oil and gas wealth which was then used for the benefit of the people and to promote economic development. Evo Morales’ Movement for Socialism (MAS) drew strong support from the working class of Bolivia and the indigenous peoples.

Across Latin America the struggle continues between the workers and the poor on the one hand and the capitalist class which wishes to restore the power and wealth of the local elites. The widespread violence directed against MAS and its supporters, including the burning of their homes, by the right-wing forces which refused to accept the result of the election is evidence of the vicious nature of this coup.

The Workers Party of Ireland extends its solidarity to the working people of Bolivia who are struggling to defend the improvements in the living conditions of the people attained under the leadership of President Evo Morales and to defeat this imperialist sponsored coup. We must defend Evo Morales, Bolivarian Venezuela and the Cuban Revolution and take all steps in our power to reverse this coup.

Gerry Grainger

International Secretary

Workers Party of Ireland

November 2019