The United States continue with their attempts to undermine the Cuban Revolution. Planned counter revolutionary protests for 15th November are nothing more than a propaganda exercise designed to discredit and spread misleading and false information that the government does not have the full support and confidence of the majority of the people.

The enemies of Cuba will fail as they have failed before. Cuba has on countless occasions shown international solidarity to those in need from militarily aid to the people of Angola to medical support throughout the world during Covid.

The Workers’ Party will continue to stand in fraternal solidarity with our Cuban comrades.

On November 15, the Cuban Revolution will celebrate:

  • Success of their vaccination campaign.
  • Victory of Cuban medicine and science.
  • Return of fully vaccinated children to face-to-face classes.
  • Opening of Cuba to international tourism, more than 400 flights per week have already been confirmed arriving in various Cuban cities.
  • The 502nd anniversary of the founding of Havana.
  • Unity of the vast majority of the Cuban people in defense of its Socialist Revolution, resisting the impact of the blockade, the aggressions and attempts at social destabilization. The effort to revive the economy.

Hasta la victoria siempre