The Workers’ Party wish to express their condemnation that a small group of right-wing MEPs have prepared a resolution to be included in the next Assembly of the European Parliament, today, June 8th. This resolution is a blatant distortion of reality with the full intention of destroying any current support for Cuba within the EU.

This resolution charges Cuba with repression of the artistic movement, in particular the San Isidro Movement. This organisation is funded by individuals and organisations in the United States who have proven links to terrorist organisations, and are committed to the destruction of the Cuban state as a free, independent, sovereign, and democratic country. We acknowledge that all serious and criminal violations of human rights on the island of Cuba have occurred at Guantanamo Bay which is controlled and run by the United States and that the Cuban government have a proven history of both social justice and international solidarity.

This group of MEPs have not once raised any concerns relating to the rights of the Cuban people who continue to suffer under an illegal and immoral economic blockage for over 60 years at the hands of the United States and their lackeys. We call on all MEPs to oppose this resolution and show their support and solidarity to the Cuban people.

Gavin Mendel-Gleason, Workers’ Party International Secretary