Stop interference and aggression against Venezuela!

We firmly condemn the escalation of interference and blackmail by the European Union against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, aligned and concerted with the coup operation of «self-proclamation» of a puppet president, orchestrated and commanded by the Trump Administration who, in an arrogant violation of International Law, seeks to overthrow the legitimate President, Nicolás Maduro, elected by popular vote, and subvert the Venezuelan constitutional order.

We reject the inadmissible declaration of the European Union threatening recognizing of a “President” created by the USA, in line with its collusion with the coup d’état of 2002, the boycott, the terrorist action and the economic, financial, political and diplomatic blockade and the illegal confiscation of assets and financial resources, that are at the basis of the economic problems of Venezuela and the hardships felt by its people.

We repudiate the escalation in aggression against Venezuela perpetrated by the US, the EU and governments of the so-called ‘Lima Group’, which attack the sovereignty and rights of Venezuela and the Venezuelan people, and seeks to pillage its immense resources, such as oil.

We demand an end to the interference and aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the respect for its sovereignty and independence!

We appeal for solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan people!


AKEL (Cyprus)
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Communist Party in Denmark
German Communist Party
Communist Party of Greece
Hungarian Workers’ Party
Communist Party of Luxembourg
Communist Party of Malta
New Communist Party of the Netherlands
Portuguese Communist Party
Communist Party of Spain
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
Communist of Catalonia
Galician Nationalist Bloc
Communist Party of Britain
Communist Party of Belgium
Communist Party of Finland
Communist Party of Ireland
Workers Party of Ireland
Italian Communist Party
Party of the Communist Refoundation – European Left (Italy)
French Communist Party
Union of the Galician People
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
Communist Party (Italy)